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Excel Mid Laner Vetheo Lost All Confidence After Finishing Last Place in Week 2 of the LEC

Esports 31-01-2023 21:55
XL vetheo lcs winter w2
Vetheo is disappointed after a 1-6 start of the split. | © Riot Games

The LEC Winter Split just finished its second week with a completely new format, and some of the teams are starting to show their dominance. Unfortunately, one team that is not performing as well as expected is Excel. Now after the second week of the LEC, the team has only managed to get one victory under its belt, and their mid laner, Vetheo, is beginning to lose some confidence.  

Before the split, many fans were very excited to see the new and improved Excel roster for the LEC Winter Split 2023 (dare we say they were considered a Superteam?). Unfortunately for them, the impression we are left with after the second week of the LEC is not even near to what we expected from them at the beginning of the split, and they are currently at the bottom of the standings, together with Astralis.

Even though a lot of fans might be disappointed in Excel's latest performance, I don't think anyone is as disappointed as the players themselves. On Twitter today, Excel's mid laner, Vincent "Vetheo" Berrié, shared his thoughts on their latest matches. In his Tweet, Vetheo explained that in his career, he has never felt as bad as he does now. He has also lost all his confidence. 

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Even though he is dissatisfied with his recent performance, he still believes Excel can get back, and he will do everything within his power to make sure they pull through. Several pro players and people from the LEC broadcast were quick to share their support with the mid laner. Former SK Support, Treatz, had this to say to support Vetheo: 

you got MVP for a reason - the skill hasn't randomly left your body
gl gl I believe in a bounceback

Vetheo became the MVP of the LEC Spring Split last year and continued to be one of the top mid laners throughout the season. It is sad to see Excel struggle as much as they do, especially with the pressure from everyone's expectations of them as a team. But, as Vetheo said, all hope is not lost, and if they manage to perform well in the next couple of weeks, there is still a chance they will make it to the second stage of the LEC Winter Split. 

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