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How does something like this go under the radar for so long?

LoL Patch 13.8: Kog'Maw to Get the First Ever Update to His Passive

News 15-04-2023 03:35
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A VFX update is not enough | © Riot Games

One of the reasons League of Legends has become the phenomenon it is today, and has stood the test of time where other titles have failed, is in big part due to its constant two-week patches and updates.

So it seems insane to think, with there being dozens of patches every year, that target champions based on a variety of metrics, that a champion would never have one of their abilities changed in any way since their release.

Kog'Maw's Passive Ability Finally Getting an Update

When it comes to League of Legends champions, some get more love from Riot Games than others. Usually, it's the ones whose skins sell the most, and the champions that feature in professional Esports the most often.

After all, who can say off the top of their head, just how many reworks and updates Ryze and Lux have had over the years?

There is, however, a single classification of champions that draw the short end of this stick, and they are the monster League of Legends champions, as they perform poorly on the popularity scale. And Kog'Maw is an extreme example of such a champion, with his passive getting buffed only now, with a simple damage buff.

From Release to First Update - 13 Years in the Making

Kog'Maw was released in 2010, as one of the first champions released solo, as opposed to the first 40 champions released alongside the game. He is a void-being, who follows the early design of Void champions, much like his predecessor Cho'Gath, in devouring everything in existence.

Where Cho'Gath's abilities are actually useful, Kog'Maw's passive has always been more of a gimmick than anything else. His passive allows the player to control Kog'Maw's zombified corpse after death, which will then explode dealing AoE damage. And it will now deal 140-650 damage, from the old 125-550.

Arcanist Kog Maw
At least he's got a skin for AP Kog'Maw, should it ever return | © Riot Games

Ever since his release, this passive has had no changes added or retracted from it whatsoever and has only ever been nerfed in Dominion, one of the old League of Legends game modes.

And while an update finally being given is most definitely a good thing, quite a few fans have pointed out the issue that more damage does not solve the problem of his passive, which is an ability of a bygone era of League of Legends.

Instead, the community has started a call for a complete rework of his passive ability, into one that will actually be worthy of being called an ability, in the modern days of League of Legends. Even a mid-scope update would go a long way toward bringing this champion back into the spotlight!