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Details for New Prestige 2.0 Skins Have Been Revealed

News 24-03-2022 23:45
Prestige Kai Sa KDA
Is spandex high fashion nowadays? | © Riot Games

If there's one thing we know regarding the Mythic overhaul coming to League of Legends, it's that now is the time to spend your Prestige Points, before they get replaced with Mythic Essence. As for the gemstones, those are safe, and it's better to wait and use them on the Prestige 2.0 content about to hit the Rift.

We've got to hand it to Riot Games, it seems there's more to their business model than money pinching, and trying to get as much value out of their players as possible, using outdated systems. The new Prestige skins, as per their own admission, are a coinflip, relying on the hope that players will appreciate the work put into making them.

What Will Prestige 2.0 Skins Look Like?

Prestige skins, up until now have all been built on the basis of an existing skin, and have often been described as nothing more than a golden chroma. While this is not completely true, it is close enough for Riot Games to take a look at alternate routes to take when designing Prestige 2.0 skins.

Instead, the new, Prestige 2.0 skins will be designed from the ground up, taking into consideration the, previously unexplored, high fashion of their base skins. This means that, unlike the previous iterations, such as Space Groove Lulu Prestige Edition, for example, the Prestige 2.0 will lean more towards the way the True Damage Senna Prestige Edition skin was designed. With golden accents there only as a backdrop to make the skins take on a luxurious look, hence the Prestige in the name.

Additionally, these new skins will share a common look, so players can easily differentiate the Prestige skins, from those that don't have that appellation, by creating a "monogram", based on high fashion, making them recognizable in the same way clothing brands such as Gucci and an LV are.

Will Prestige 2.0 Only be Limited to Skins?

With the new design path in mind, that of not building on top of the base skins, but rather making the Prestige 2.0 skins, for all intent and purposes, their own, high-fashion, skin line, Riot are teasing the creation of some merch to along with them.

Prestige Pantheon
Unlikely that Riot will start selling hoplite armor, but a man can hope | © Riot Games

This will be based on the high fashion portion of those skins, upon which Riot are placing a lot of focus. Due to that, we can expect Prestige 2.0 to result in some League of Legends clothing merchandise, as well.

How to Buy Prestige 2.0 Content?

The Mythic overhaul simplifies the process of buying the Prestige 2.0 skins, by removing the Prestige Points, and replacing the Gemstones with Mythic Essence, allowing players to focus on only one currency to buy Mythic content.

The new and improved skins, on the other hand, will be interesting to purchase to say the least. After all, they are estimated to be priced at around 18 thousand Riot Points, which is worth around 100 USD. The new Prestige 2.0 skins will have to be mind-blowing to justify this kind of price.

And, while we don't know what Riot Games have in mind, it's unlikely that they would outright replace a working money-making system, with one whose success seems so uncertain, unless they know something we don't. That thing being, of course, just how good these skins are.

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