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Fans been bringing up this issue again and again...

Riot Games Looks to Change Remake Option After Big Streamer Gets Screwed Over

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It seems like the fans have little to say in Riot's updates | © Riot Games

Riot Games is finally doing something about the Remake bug where a player is clearly AFK, but the teammates still cannot /remake a game. However, many fans are still upset with Riot Games as they did not react to the problem before a big streamer complained.

Almost everyone has had issues with the remaking option in League of Legends in the past. You get into a game where one of your teammates is AFK, and you are unable to vote for a remake because they are technically still connected to the game. But shouldn't remakes be possible if a person never leaves the fountain? 

This is an issue that has been bothering players since the remake option was implemented into the game. However, Riot Games have not paid a lot of attention to the problem until one of the biggest League of Legends streamers called Riot out on his stream after he encountered the same problem. 

What Happened to Tyler1? 

This situation was first brought up by the YouTuber called Rival. According to Rival, the North American streamer, Tyler1, was streaming in front of a big audience when he was queuing up for a ranked game and his Nunu jungler forgot to pick smite. Because of this, Nunu decided to go AFK. Of course, this is annoying in itself, but Tyler1 still believed he could remake at minute three and not lose any LP. Because of this, Tyler was jumping into the enemy turret with his support and died to the enemy mid laner.

However, once it was finally time to vote for a remake, Tyler1 received the following message "/Remake is only available when one or more players fail to connect to the game." As we can see, even though Nunu was not playing the game, had not moved out of the fountain, nor bought any items, the whole team did not have the option to remake the game. 

As a reaction, Tyler1 got infuriated and decided to leave the game himself, as it was useless to play a 4v5 match. Once the game was done, Tyler received a Ranked LP penalty for leaving the game and also lost 20 LP for the game just played. This was the last drop for Tyler, and he went on ranting about how bad Riot Games is as a company. 

After this instance, the issue was again brought up on Reddit with the video of Tyler1 being screwed over by Riot.

The video sparked up an old discussion, and one Redditor summed up the question we have all been wondering about perfectly:

How the fuck is "player never left the fountain" still not remakable? It shouldn't be tied to if a player connected to the game or not. Doesn't matter if they connected to the game if they never fucking leave the fountain.

Riot Finally Reacts 

In response to the Redditor's comment, Riot Auberon said he agrees with the complaint, and that Riot will finally take measures to fix the remaking system. In addition, he mentioned that Riot will also be looking into moving up the remake timer to when absence would reasonably start to impact the game. 

Players Feel Undervalued

The fact that Riot is finally doing something to change the Remake system is, of course, good news in itself, as this is an issue that has been bothering the League community for a long time. However, some fans were still not happy and found it strange that Riot Games never did anything to resolve it before one of the big League of Legends streamers called them out for it, even though Tyler1 is not the first to bring this up.

Under Riot Auberon's comment, one Redditor brought up the issue and received even more likes than Auberaun himself. As we can see, it seems like many fans are upset that Riot is not bringing attention to an issue unless there is one of the big names making the complaints. 

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