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Is this the return of the Bean?

Fnatic Bot Lane Test Positive for Covid Right Before Worlds 2022

Fnatic Hylisang and Upset
Will Hylissang and Upset make it in time for their first game? | © Riot Games

Worlds 2022 is just around the corner, and for the first time ever, the LEC has four teams competing for the biggest title in League of Legends. However, one of the EU play-in teams, Fnatic, faces some issues, as Hylissang and Upset, test positive for COVID-19 one week before the competition begins. 

On September 29, the Worlds 2022 Play-Ins will begin, and the day's second match will be a NA vs. EU showdown when Evil Geniuses meet Fnatic. But with the new information from the European team, it remains to see if we will have Fnatic's full roster ready on stage until that time. 

One week before Worlds 2022, Fnatic came out with the unfortunate news that their bot-lane duo, Hylisang and Upset, was infected with the Coronavirus. 

Both teammates seem to be handling the situation well and came out with statements, each saying they will try everything to participate in their first match in Mexico on September 29, 2022. Here is what Upset had to say about the situation: 

Pretty sad timing but me and hyli are just gonna try to recover as fast as possible that we don’t miss any matches and prepare as good as possible from eu for now.

Hylissang has been Fnatic's support since 2017 and was even been part of the 2018 roster that made it to the Worlds 2018 finals. His partner in crime, Upset, joined in 2020 after the surprising departure of their well-known ADC, Rekkles


Fnatic Brings in Additional Sub for Worlds 

[Update: September 27, 2022]

Until now, Fnatic has been in close discussion with the Worlds 2022 organizers, and they have now found an optional solution for Hylissang if he were not to make the travel in time for Worlds. Riot has allowed Fnatic an emergency roster with an additional member from their academy team, Fnatic TQ. The new member is Rúben "Rhuckz" Barbosa. Rhuckz is currently the support of Fnatic TQ, and it will be exciting to see how he will do if he has to sub in for Hylisang.

The main sub for Fnatic is Louis "BEAN" Schmitz, who will most likely take over for Upset if the main ADC cannot make it in time. This is not the first time Bean would have to sub in for Upset in the League of Legends world championship. Last year, Upset had some personal issues which made him unable to compete during that time, and Bean took his place during the competition. Unfortunately for Fnatic, the team could not make it out of their group as they finished last place with a score of 1-5. This instance also resulted in some drama within the Fnatic 2021 roster.

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Hylissang and Upset Test Negative and Can Travel to Mexico

[Update: September 29, 2022]

After a speedy recovery, both Hyllisang and Upset have now tested negative for Covid and can finally travel to Mexico City. Fnatic announced the good news on their Twitter, saying that Upset is already on his way to Mexico and will be able to join the matches for the first day of Play-Ins. Even though Hyli has recovered as well, he will not make it in time for the first match but tells the fans on Twitter that he has "full faith in the boys" and wishes them the best of luck. 

This is the updated Fnatic roster for Day 1 of Play-Ins: 

  • Top: Wunder
  • Jungle: Razork
  • Mid: Humanoid
  • Bot lane: Upset
  • Support: Rhuckz

Hylissang should be arriving in time for the next day such that the original roster will be ready for Day 2 of Play-Ins.


It is still uncertain if the bot-lane duo will be able to take part at the beginning of Worlds 2022 or if Bean, once again, has to step in for the ADC. In the meantime, we wish the bot lane a speedy recovery.

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