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The players are certainly happy about that. The quarantine measures in China are supposed to be very tough.

Riot Confirms: LoL Worlds 2021 in Europe!

News 24-08-2021 17:10
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Out of nowhere we get a home field advantage. | © Riot Games

Upcomer announced it earlier today, no Riot confirmed it via a statement on Twitter: The LoL Worlds 2021 will apparently not take place in China, but will be moved to Europe. But how and why did Riot make this decision? We have all the information on the World Championship for you.

The 2021 World Championship already starts at the end of September and the Grand Final will be played at the beginning of November. The plan was to tour several cities, covering Wuhan, Chengdu, Qingdao, Shanghai and Shenzen, but now it is clear. European teams get the home advantage.

More news about the LoL Worlds 2021:

LoL Worlds 2021 Will Take Place in Europe

A video posted by John Needham, Head of Esports at Riot Games, on the LoL Esports Twitter account has now confirmed that the LoL Worlds 2021 will not take place in China, but in Europe. The host cities and countries are yet to be announced, but Needham said, the priority is to ensure that all teams, coaches, staff and employees can enter as smoothly as possible in order to provide the best possible experience for everyone involved and the community. The full video statement can be found here:

LoL Worlds 2021: Not China but Europe

Riot had difficulties getting the production and technical staff to China. Several staff were unable to get entry permits and a solution was needed.

LCS teams were also still trying to get visas for China at this point. Here, too, they would face a big hurdle. Therefore, Riot Games had now decided to move the LoL Worlds 2021 from China to Europe.

Which Cities Could Host the Championship?

Since no official statement has been made yet, it is difficult to say which cities or countries are possible candidates. COVID infections are also on the rise again in Europe. We could imagine that Riot would choose the country with the lowest incidence. Of course, the necessary infrastructure must be in place.

But one thing is or sure. Europe will be able to react more flexibly to the pandemic situation. The only question is whether we will end up with a bubble event like last year. Then the pros play among themselves and we fans have to watch from home again...

But at least we can watch some great EUW solo queue streams then, right?

Which Teams qualified for Worlds?

At the time of writing, 9 teams have booked their ticket to Europe:

  • MAD Lions
  • Rogue
  • Fnatic100 
  • Thieves
  • Team Liquid
  • Cloud9
  • T1
  • Gen.G

A total of 24 teams from all over the world will take part in the event. Half of them will qualify directly via the playoffs of the large regions. The smaller regions have to qualify via the playins before the actual tournament.

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