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Riot Unleash New LoL Champion Briar In Epic Teaser

News 30-08-2023 17:57
Briar teaser 2
LoL Briar: The newest champion has been revealed. | © Riot Games

The newest League of Legends champion has been unleashed in the newest teaser. Amidst the floodgates of leaks and small teasers, Riot has finally managed to officially reveal the new jungle champion Briar in an epic trailer that has shaken LoL community. 

Briar is going to be a diver from the jungle who loves to go into the fray of the fight and nothing seems to cement that better than the latest trailer that has been posted on the official League of Legends channels. Are you ready to feed your hunger for kills? 


LoL Champion Briar Revealed 

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Briar is going to be a brand-new champion in the game and she is going to shake up the way we play League of Legends. With a wild personality that seems to be fiercely protective of those she sees as friends, Briar is going to be a whole new character in League of Legends. 

Some players thought – after the leaks of her splash art – that Briar would be a dark and mysterious champion, but it quickly became known through multiple teasers that Briar is much more child-like than anticipated. Now, we get a whole new look at her wild side thanks to the trailer that was posted. 

By the looks of it, Briar is going to be dashing around the map, going into a frenzy and killing without a second thought. How Riot will make this fantasy come to life is yet to be seen, since she has not been added to the Public Beta Environment as of writing this article. 

Briar will be a brand-new jungle champion that is going to shake up the meta for sure. How strong will she be upon release? Naafiri has needed quite a few nerfs since she's been added to the game, so we could see Briar also receive some balance changes. 

In the next couple of days Briar should be added to the PBE, which means she will be playable in LoL Patch 13.18. Are you ready for this insane new jungle champion? 

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