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Are Rogue finally a top tier playoff team

LEC Playoff | Rogue Reverse Sweep Fnatic

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Fnatic came so close, but Rogue got this one| © Riot Games

What looked like Fnatic's big evening turned into a vindication for Rogue, who turned a 2-0 series around with three decisive wins to get their first playoff win against their rival and book their ticket to the LEC finals.

The winner's bracket semifinal gave us the much-hyped match between the top two teams of the regular season - Rogue and Fnatic. Both of them had their highs and lows in the regular season. Rogue went undefeated in the first half of the split only to drop several games and almost fall to second place. Fnatic, meanwhile, had their own shares of great games and fiestas. In the first round, they won their games against Misfits Gaming and G2 Esports respectively in two 3-1 series to face off in the semifinal. Would Fnatic's 6-0 playoff record against Rogue remain unblemished, or would Rogue finally get it done?

Glimpses of Greatness from Fnatic

The series started well for Fnatic and early in the opening game they used Iván "Razork" Martín Díaz's early presence to get ahead in the bottom lane. While Rogue managed to get a few hits back, Fnatic's drake stacking paid off when they secured an early infernal soul. However, a few wins allowed Rogue to get the first Elder dragon and a Baron. The teams went back and forth, but Fnatic retained a small lead and eventually, they used the third Elder dragon to win the decisive fight and end the game.

Razork's Volibear was even more impactful in game two, setting his lanes for success and scaling into a supertank. While Rogue kept the game close with several key shutdowns, 24 minutes in they were left reeling as Fnatic first killed Andrei "Odoamne" Pascu and then outplayed their engage in the mid lane for three kills  and the Baron. Seven minute later, Rogue looked to have found a key engage on the Fnatic backline but the Voliber was an immovable rock protecting his team. Fnatic won the teamfight and the Baron before closing out the game for a 2-0.

Rogue's Comeback

Now 0-2, the regular split top seed was on the ropes - and it hit back. Jungler  Kim "Malrang" Geun-seong had a massive early game on Hecarim, getting kill after kill and leaving Fnatic reeling. Soon after the Baron spawned, Rogue aced their opponents in a clutch fight to secure the objective. To their credit, Fnatic did not go down easy, beating back two attacks despite being far behind, but in the end it was not enough and Rogue used a 5v4 to get their first win in the series - and first playoff victory against Fnatic ever.

They did not stop there, however. An early invade by Fnatic backfired and Rogue pounced mercilessly, stomping their opponents throughout the early game. Fnatic tried to fight back only to get ever further behind and 16 minutes in found themselves aced and 10K gold behind. This time, there was no overreach by Rogue, who patiently took the Baron and dismantled the Fnatic base to secure a 23 minute win and bring the series to a game five.

The decisive bout saw both teams land some punches, but a clean tower dive and first turret 10 minutes in put Rogue once more firmly in the lead. Fnatic mid laner Marek "Humanoid" Brázda and support Zdravets "Hylissang" Galabov continued to struggle and get caught out. What looked like Fnatic's big break 19 minute in turned into another Rogue victory and the Baron after Odoamne's Gnar took over the fight. Rogue were fully in control and in just a few minutes, they broke through the base defenses and routed their opponents to complete the reverse sweep and secure their spot in the final.

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