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Goodbye Schalke. Thank you for the great memories!

Schalke 04 leaves the LEC... Forever?

News 02-08-2021 17:00
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Goodbye Royal Blues... | © Riot Games

This weekend Schalke 04 Esports had their last day in the LEC. The esports org had to sell their slot due to financial struggles of their soccer team in the german Bundesliga. Sadly this means that next split we won´t be seeing royal blue amongst the LEC pros anymore. But maybe some of the players?

  • Not only Schalke won't be part of the LoL esport. Akshan didn´t make it either. Read it all here.

The decision was a difficult one. Schalke has always emphasised that and would have liked to remain a part of the LEC. But unfortunately, wanting and desiring is not what it's all about in this business. The team would have preferred to leave the LEC with a big bang. But even that was out of the question for the royal blues. As I'm writing this, Schalke 04 Esports no longer is part of the LEC.

The LEC says Goodbye to S04 Esports

The Royal Blues gave us goosebumps more than once. The team has managed to earn its place in the LEC and make a name for itself. Many great players have accompanied Schalke on their way and now thank them for all the great memories. And also for what the organization has done for them. Fnatic was their final boss. Their last game in the LEC was against a very strong looking orange-black. Therefore one last, sweet victory was unfortunately rejected. We would definitely have wished it on schalke.

Of course, not only Fnatic will miss Schalke 04. Teams such as MAD Lions and Rogue also wished the org and players their best.

Schalke 04 Esports Moments in the LEC - The Miracle Run

When you think of Schalke in the LEC, you think of one specific thing. That's right, the Miracle Run in the summer 2020. As long as League of Legends exists and as long as the LEC exists, the Miracle Run will be remembered. No other team has achieved what seemed impossible. After a 1-10 start in the split, Schalke still reached the playoffs by ending up with an incredible 8-10. They defeated every top team that stood in their way and gave the community incredible emotional moments. But see for yourself:

It's getting emotional for Schalke 04 and their fans

The team only managed to achieve 3 wins throughout the Summer Split 2021. Not to mention that the morale was at an all-time low after the announcement that the team was being sold to the Swiss organization Team BDS. No miracle run for Schalke in 2021, that was clear to everyone. It got pretty quiet on social media. Now that the regular season is over, BrokenBlade, the team's star top laner, is speaking out:

Us here at RiftFeed also hope to see the players again next year - under a different banner, of course. We will truely miss Schalke 04 Esports as part of the LEC. Maybe we will get to see them again, as soon as the organization makes a financial recovery and get's back to the top of the Bundesliga. 

Having a homegrown German team with such a storied football background was very special. Schalke 04 brought together traditional sports and esports in a spectacular manner.

We wish the org and the players all the best in the future! 

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