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The Funniest Voice Lines In League of Legends

News 26-04-2024 18:30

Here are 10 humorous voice lines from League of Legends.

Toy Terror Cho Gath
Some Champs are just funny. | © Riot Games

Don't we all know this? You're trying to enjoy a peaceful game, and suddenly, the champions come out with lines you just wouldn't expect. Here, we've picked out 10 funny lines for you.

10. Nasus - The Curator Of The Sands

Let's start with the popular top laner Nasus. He hails from Shurima and is revered as a demigod. However, he also knows how to appreciate humor.

Who let the dogs out? Wuff, Wuff, Wuff.

9. Pulsefire Ezreal

Pulsefire Ezreal Lore 1
Who doesn't love his voice lines? | © Riot Games

Ezreal is a champion who loves to crack jokes and sees himself as super, as well as a bit of a ladies' man. It's no wonder that a line like that pops up sometimes.

Cannon arm: Check. Butt looks amazing... Double check.

8. Brolaf

Brolaf is the much cooler version of Olaf. And one thing's for sure, he can drop some lines!

I'm OP? Your Mom is OP!


Yo, summoner, summon me like two ... no, SIX hot chicks, stat!

7. Nunu & Wilump Bot

The voice lines of this skin are particularly unique. The developers have included numerous insider references, making it deserving of its own article. However, we've narrowed it down to our favorite line here.

Someone tell those monsters they are trash. I can’t because I’m chat restricted.

But, the champions don't just talk to themselves, they also interact with other champions. And nothing is funnier than when two champions tease each other.

7. Irelia and Garen

Irelia Ionia
When she starts to shoot, than right! | © Riot Games

The two top laners probably meet each other more often, and it's unlikely that at least one funny line won't be dropped. Especially because it's not just players who make fun of Garen's DEMACIA.

Irelia: Ioniaaaa!!! Hm, that's me, if I was you. 

But let's be honest, it would be kind of cool if Irelia shouted Ionia! the way Garen shouts Demacia!

6. Battle Academia Caitlyn to Lux

But it's not just Garen who gets made fun of. Lux also gets to hear a few silly lines.

Now I understand, Lux. You’re the family Embarrassment.

5. Irelia to Janna

Irelia may seem innocent, but she's got some pretty good lines too. See for yourself.

Irelia: I'm about to cut your wind! Wait, n-not like that, I meant my blades are going to ... Nevermind.

I wonder what she meant by that...

4. Viego and Kled

Kled lol splash art uhdpaper com 4 K 790
Kled is simply a humorous but crazy guy! Love him! | © Riot Games

Viego is a rather somber champion, whereas Kled is a real daredevil and jokester. Maybe it's just his crazy nature that makes him funny.

Viego: You stand in the way of my love. A mistake.
Kled: I'm just a Yordle standing in front of you, asking you to SHUT THE HELL UP!

3. Aatrox to Taric

Aatrox is a powerful and intimidating champ, but even he sometimes falls out of character.

Hail the protector! Hail Taric, aspect of ... Get A Haircut!

Considering how gorgeous Taric's hair is, let's hope he never gets a haircut!

2. Rakan to Soraka

Rakan, like many other champions, is a character who cracks a lot of jokes. Additionally, he tries everything to please his beloved, Xayah. However, compared to other champions, he can sometimes be a bit... well, see for yourself.

Oh Soraka, what are you going to do? Heal me to death?

I mean, he's got a point. 

1. Rammus

Durian Defender Rammus
Who doesn't weaken when hearing his voice lines? | © Riot Games

And of course, Rammus shouldn't be missing. His many words and poetry make one think and laugh. Listen for yourself.


Do you know any other funny voice lines? Feel free to share your favorite voice lines in the comments!