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LoL: Riot Vs. Voice Chat – Do We Need It In League?

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Is voice chat a necessity in League of Legends? Some people say yes, others say no. 

Broken Covenant Riven
LoL: Do we need voice chat? | © Riot Games

Voice chat and League of Legends... it's a topic that gets brought up every few months in the community, with a lot of players wanting voice chat, believing it would lead to better communication and less toxicity, and a large portion of the community disagreeing. 

Recently, a new thread on Reddit went viral, once again discussing this issue. Should Riot Games finally add voice chat to the game? 

LoL Players And Voice Chat

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You can just type "Karthus Ult". | © Riot Games

Recently, a post on Reddit went viral, in which a player once again gave a reason for the inclusion of voice chat in the game. They explained that in multiple situations in the game they could have played a lot more aggressive, would they have voice chat to coordinate with their team

I am in so many situations almost every game where i know that we could get the kill in this situation if we went in, but communication isn't able to reach this idea quick enough for it to happen.

This, once again, prompted the discussion between the inclusion of voice chat and leaving it out of the game, with many comments poking fun at the fact that with voice chat they could finally know what the 12-year-old behind the keyboard flaming them sounds like. 

Other players once again brought up the issue with pings. Last year, Riot removed ability pings of other players, something that had been one of the few ways to efficiently communicate before. 

Imagine if we could communicate effectively with pings.. like... and hear me out here... being able to ping our big abilities and summoners, as well as ping other teammates as a notification for them to use it.. man that would be sick. 

League of Legends currently lacks a proper communication system, with chat and a few pings being the only way to tell players anything... But is voice chat truly the way to go? Let us know in the comments below!

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