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After Layoffs: Bandle Tale Will Be The Last Riot Forge Game

News 23-01-2024 16:30

With the recent layoffs at Riot Games there are some sad news about Riot Forge.

Mageseeker Riot Forge
Mageseeker was one of the games developed by Riot Forge. | © Riot Games

Riot Forge was a program from Riot Games where they would be sharing their IP with smaller studios. It is a player- and developer focused publisher with the mission to bring awesome new games from the LoL universe to players by partnering with experienced and talented smaller devs all around the world. 

Riot Forge brought us amazing games like:

  • Hextech Mayhem
  • The Mageseeker
  • The Ruined King
  • Song of Nunu

The next game and sadly also the last game of Riot Forge will be Bandle Tale. 

Riot Forge Will Be Shutting Down

Bandle Tale
Bandle Tale will be the last Riot Forge Title. | © Riot Games

Riot has announced that they are laying off 530 of their employees. This is around 11 percent of their whole workforce worldwide. With this comes a few changes but most notably the shutdown of Riot Forge. Twitter/X User and prominent community member Spideraxe has tweeted a part from an official Riot Statement.

They called Riot Forge, an experiment to see what would happen when Rioters partner with their favorite indie devs and let them use their own spin on the Runeterra universe. They are proud of what the team behind Forge has accomplished but want to refocus their efforts on other big projects at Riot Games. 

The Riot Forge games were some of the best content that we got outside the League of Legends game, and always came with a nice bit of Lore. It's truly sad to see the publisher go.

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