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5 Things Riot Should Fix About the LoL Client

News 17-03-2024 11:30

The League of Legends client isn’t perfect. Here are some suggestions on what Riot could fix.

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If the Riot Client was a skin... | © Riot Games

Years ago, Riot announced a Client Cleanup Campaign, a mission to make the client great again. One would think the League of Legends Client would have improved after such a long time, but frankly, we are stuck with annoying features from the past, and new issues seem to appear as well. Here are some of the issues we believe Riot should do something about.

1. Languages Locked 

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Why are languages locked? | Riot Games
At this point, Riot only offers a limited amount of Languages depending on your region. For example, in EU West, you can decide to play in English, German, Spanish, French, and Italian. Now, there are other languages available for other servers, but Riot Games has decided to lock the ones not available in your region. 

Even though there are ways for you to change the language yourself, these options are not officially supported by Riot, why is that? The fact that we are able to change to a language not available in your region by tampering with some of the files, shows that Riot has the option available if they want, and it is strange to see that we are not given the possibility to choose from all of them. 

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Of course, there are steps being taken to add more languages to the client but it’s taking way too long… 

2. Not Beginner Friendly  

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Other than champions there are more annoying things in the client. | Riot Games
For players that haven’t played similar games in the past, League of Legends has a pretty steep learning curve at the beginning, and the League of Legends Client is not of much assistance in that regard. 

If we take a look at the mobile version of League of Legends, we find pretty thought-through tutorials available in the client, teaching you to farm and attack enemies. Now, League of Legends also has a tutorial, but it is not nearly as good as the tutorial in Wild Rift. Newer players are basically thrown into the game, getting a brief explanation of where to go and what to do. 

A Redditor once brought up the issue and also talked about Riot’s failure to create a suitable environment for new players. Smurf accounts are often placed with people actually learning the game for the first time, and the newbies are flamed for trying to learn the game. 

3. What Are You Doing Here, TFT? 

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In 2019, Riot Games came out with their new game Teamfight Tactics. TFT is a League of Legends spinoff and an auto battler game. Unlike League of Legends, you don’t play as a team in TFT. Instead, you face seven other opponents and try to build the best team comp from different champions available in League of Legends. It is an entirely different game and can be compared to other games from Riot, like Legends of Runterra. 

Even though Legends of Runterra has its own client, Teamfight tactics do not. It seems strange that Riot has decided for TFT, in particular, to be in the LoL client while their other games aren’t. 

We know they can separate the games, as the mobile version of TFT is not in the LoL client, and you can still play with the same account regardless of whether you are playing on your phone or the computer. 

4. UI Far Behind Similar Games

You probably know what I am talking about if you have played similar games to League of Legends, like Dota 2. Even though League of Legends is one of the biggest MOBA games out there, they seem to lag behind other games regarding the client’s UI/UX. Even Wild Rift is ahead of LoL at this point, and we frankly think it is time for Riot to do something about it.

5. Players Stuck in Loading Screen After Game

Another issue many players seem to be facing regarding the client is to relaunch it after a game and open the game summary. 

Another Redditor brought up the case, saying they were facing up to ten minutes of waiting time in the post-game loading screen to get to the lobby. Under the comments, many players mentioned they were struggling with the same issue. This has been happening with players for several years, and we have to ask why Riot has done nothing with this issue yet.

What issues are you facing with the League of Legends client? 

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