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Poor CoreJJ...

Easter Eggs in the LoL Worlds 2022 Song by Lil Nas X

News 23-09-2022 08:42
Star Walkin
Checked out the new song yet? | © Riot Games

Every year, Riot Games releases a new song for the League of Legends Worlds Championship. Many fans were extra excited as it was announced that Lil Nas X would be the one performing the new song. Now, the song is released, and we are here to tell you everything about what you can see in the music video. 

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The song premiered at 16:00 CEST on YouTube and showed some of our favorite players from the four major regions. But, who do you actually see in the video, and which champions can you see as well? Here is everything you need to know about the new Worlds song for 2022, Star Walkin'. But first, you can check out the video here:

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Where Does the Video Take Place? 

The video is located in San Fransico, which is where the Worlds 2022 Finals will be held. The location is revealed from the famous Golden Gate Bridge and the shot of the whole city, with its well-known skyscrapers in the background.

Which Players Can You See in the Video? 

Throughout the newly released song, you can see four players, each representing their own region.

Team Liquid - CoreJJ

It looks like Riot did not predict the disappointing results from NA's Superteam, Team Liquid. The representative for the LCS is none other than Team Liquid's support, CoreJJ. Team Liquid did not qualify for Worlds 2022, and therefore, it is a bit strange seeing the support as one of the main characters in the song.

Gen.G - Chovy

The LCK representative in the video is Gen.G's midlaner Chovy. Gen.G has been doing very well lately and dominated the LCK in Summer 2022.

EDG - Meiko

LPL's representative is none other than former Worlds champion Meiko. Meiko and EDG won Worlds 2021, and he is notoriously known for selecting Yuumi for his Worlds skin, though we have to admit, it is kind of cute that he used his own cat as inspiration. 

Fnc - Humanoid

The person in the song representing EU is Fnatic's midlaner, Humanoid. Fnatic finished third in the LEC Summer Playoffs after surprising everyone with their good performance. 

Which Champions Can You See in the Video? 

After being introduced to the four players, we see four champions with some new skins appearing. Each champion is now changed into giant robots. Does this mean the Mecha skin line is returning to LoL? 

Another interesting point regarding the champions is that each champion in the music video belongs to one of the players.

Worlds 2022 Azir + Chovy

We have already been introduced to the new Worlds 2022 Skin for Azir. In the music video, you can see Gen.G Chovy standing on the champion. Chovy is known for dominating on Azir in mid lane. 

Thresh + Meiko

Another champion we can see as a massive construct in the middle of San Fransico is Thresh. Even though Meiko chose a Yuumi skin for last year's Worlds, he is very known for his playstyle on Thresh. 

Worlds 2022 champions
All the giant constructs in Star Walkin' | © Riot Games

Rell + CoreJJ

The third champion we can see is Rell. Rell belongs to CoreJJ, and he has had some insane plays on the champion earlier this year. 

Twisted Fate + Humanoid

Last but not least, we have Twisted Fate. Twisted Fate looks so incredible in this video, especially when we see him next to the Golden Gate Bridge. Humanoid has been playing quite a lot of Twisted Fate throughout his career. However, he is not very known for the champion this season. 

Other Easter Eggs in the Video

There are many other easter eggs in the Worlds 2022 music video. Here are some of them: 

  • 0:38: Two Fnatic fans, one of which bearing a shirt saying ‘Uma Noid". This is a reference to Uma Jan, a nickname Perkz earned when playing with G2 Esports.
  • 0:36: LEC Flags in the reflection of the water.
  • 0:29: On the right of CoreJJ when he is together with the Team Liquid fans, we see a fan holding a ruler. This is a reference to 2017 when CoreJJ won worlds with the ADC Ruler, who is now on the LCK Superteam, Gen.G.
  • 0:12: The car on the bridge is from Merzedes Benz. A company LoLesports has a partnership with, lasting until 2025.
  • 0:14: Bird view of a crossroad with all the logos of all the different regions participating in Worlds. 
  • 2:42: Each Champion have some translated phrases in the players' native language. For example, behind Twisted Fate, it says "Karentí mistr" (TF's name in Czech)
  • 0:40: Humanoid's fanclub holding a Lion stuffy, which is a refrence to Humanoid's past team, MAD Lions.
  • 1:19: Sign with Telegraph Hill (the famous hill in San Fransisco) changes its name to Shadow Isles (The main location of the newly released book, Ruination)
  • 0:29: "Everyone else is trash" - A famous reference from retired ADC, Doublelift.
  • 0:51: Some LCS references can be found in the back from EG, TSM, Clutch Gaming, 100 Thieves, Cloud9
  • 0:26: On CoreJJ's cup, you can also see the name "Eunji", which is the Wife of the Support.
  • 0:34: Showing the Gen.G fandom, we can see someone with a poster with the famous hashtag #ChurchOfChovy.
  • 2:27: On the picture with Covy, it says "WOO MI CHOO!!!". This stands for "Our Korean mid Chovy".
  • 0:48: Meiko is wearing the championship ring he earned from winning last year's Worlds.
  • 0:49: The old Summoner's Cup is a refrence to when EDG won worlds last year.
  • 0:49: "Crazy is our game" is a reference to the LPL broadcast.
  • 0:49: The guy next to Meiko is wearing a shirt with 777. which is ADC, Clearlove.
  • 0:49: Fans wearing cat ears (Meiko loves cats)
  • 0:54: Fans with different shirts from their favorite players. 
  • 2:11: Boats have the names of different things from Bilgewater champions (the same place TF is from)
    • The Dreadway = Gankplank's Boat
    • New Destiny = Graves' Passice 
    • Surging Tides = Nami's Passice

Which easter eggs could you find in the Worlds 2022 video? Join us on Discord and let us know!