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Finally, another skin for Rell!

Leak: Mecha Skins Making a Comeback in 2022

News 21-09-2022 14:00
Mecha Malphite HD
Will we see more dark-themed Mechas this year? | © Riot Games

New information has one of our well-known leakers believing Mecha will return for Worlds 2022. So, which champions can we expect to see with the popular Mecha skin?

Ever since 2012, Riot Games has released a skin in tribute to their biggest contest of the year, Worlds. This year's Worlds skin will be released in Patch 12.18 and belong to our Emperor of Shurima, Azir. 

Once the announcement of the new Worlds skin was released, leaker Big Bad Bear believed the robotic theme of the skin to be a teaser for an upcoming robotic skin line - in this case, the Mecha skins

On September 20, Big Bad Bear got his hands on some unreleased emotes coming into League of Legends, and all of them are furtherly hyping the robot theme

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Which Champions Will Recieve a Skin? 

As you can see on the video, the emotes to be released are, first, an emote with the Worlds 2022 Azir skin. However, even more interesting are the other tech-themed skins we can see - Rell, Thresh, and Twisted Fate.

All the emotes carry clear signs of the robotic theme, and the leaker believes this to be yet another comeback for the Mecha skins. If the emotes weren't enough hints to convince you, you can also see a massive Thresh in the background of the Azir Worlds 2022 Splash Art. 

Worlds 2022 Azir Skin Splash
You can clearly see Thresh in the background | © Riot Games

What Are the Mecha Skins?

The first Mecha skin was already released back in 2012, with the first skin belonging to Kha'Zix. The skins are a part of an alternate universe/future in which the well-known scientists Heimerdinger, Rumble, and Ziggs have created giants ("Mechas") to protect their home against the Kaiju monsters. Here are all the Mecha skins already in the game:

  • Mecha Aatrox
  • Mecha Aurelion Sol
  • Mecha Kha'Zix
  • Mecha Malphite
  • Mecha Rengar
  • Zero Mecha Sion 
  • Giant Enemy Cragbot

Big Bad Bear is usually very on point with his leaks, and he seems very confident that we will see new additions to the Mecha series soon. Here are the possible upcoming Mecha skins: 

  • Mecha Rell
  • Mecha Thresh
  • Mecha Twisted Fate

It will be nice to see our girl Rell get another skin, and imagining her and Thresh as giant robots isn't that hard. Seeing Riot Games' ideas for Mecha Twisted Fate, on the other hand, will be interesting.  

When Can We Expect the New Skins?

You don't have to wait long for the upcoming skins, as they will likely be released in the next patch and hit PBE on October 4. Currently, we just headed into patch 12.18, and these skins are expected to come for patch 12.19. Both .18 and .19 are known for being tied to the League of Legends Worlds Championship, and it will be exciting to see what more Riot has in store for us in the upcoming weeks.

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