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Watch out!

Will Riot Suspend Accounts For Using 3rd Party Apps?

News 21-08-2022 21:05
Dragonslayer Trundle
Watch out for your account guys!

Recently, the community was getting worried after Riot released an article in which they talk about third party applications and their effects on the game. Does this mean though that Riot will be looking to ban some accounts that are using third party apps? Do you need to be worried when using Blitz.gg? 

Riot states that they want League of Legends to be a fair game, which means that each and every player has the same amount of information when playing. So, if a player is able to see camp timers, while others can't then wouldn't that fall into an 'unfair' category? Well yes, but does this mean those of you who use porofessor or blitz will have their accounts deleted? Let's see. 


Riot's Stance on Third Party Apps

Recently Riot has updated an old article regarding third party apps. Since anytime Riot updates an older article the date automatically refreshes, this means that even old articles will come off as brand-new, which happened in this case. 

Riot updated their Third Party Applications article and all of Reddit was up-in-arms worried about their accounts due to helpful third-party apps like blitz.gg and porofessor.gg. With these apps players are able to see jungle camp timers, have their runes imported and get told which builds are strongest in the current meta on the champion they're playing. 

So, doesn't this mean that these apps automatically make you susceptible to getting banned? Well, actually no. You are perfectly fine using these applications. Blitz.gg and Porofessor are both third party applications approved by Riot, so there should be no issues when using any of them for your games.

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Did Riot Make Policy Changes? 

Riot did not make any policy changes either to prompt their third party article to be reposted or updated. According to Riot Support, this only happened because of an issue within the website's CMS. 

No policy change or news to break atm, but we're still hashing out potential policy clarifications with League around overlays, timers etc. I think the visibility around this is more an indicator that this is an increasingly touchy subject with the player base that we're looking to address soon. 

So, while there is no clarification or news on this matter yet, there could be an update in the future, especially with how much this reposted article got the community talking. But in all seriousness, why doesn't Riot just add jungle timers to the game already anyway? One of the goals for pre-season was to make the jungle a more friendly position, right? 

So, why not maker a toggle where players can choose to see jungle timers or not, or something along those lines for pre-season? But that's just my suggestion, who knows what Riot will choose to do with this issue. The main thing is though, don't worry your accounts are safe guys. 

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