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Maybe this will work?

Remember Tribunal? Riot Could Bring Back a Similar Ban System

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Maybe Riot is working on something new to ban players. | © Riot Games

Throughout the last year Riot has made an effort to try and combat in-game toxicity, as well as bad behaviour. A new skin system for Honor Level 5 players, options to mute players will also come to the game soon, as well as automatic toxicity detection. 

But one more thing will be coming which is how players get banned and how those bans are found out. This could be done through players judging others for their sins... literally. Sounds kind of like Tribunal, but that was taken out of LoL all the way back in 2014, right? 

Riot Testing New Ban System in High MMR Games

For League of Legends players in NA, playing at the highest level possible you could be in trouble if you misbehave. According to Riot Auberon the team is testing a new type of game moderation in high MMR games in North America. 

Riot is working together with LPP (League Partnership Program) players who are able to directly report players who are seen being toxic, inting or win trading in their games. This is meant to combat things like betting as well, which does happen on high elo solo queue games as well. Especially when they're being streamed. 

According to Riot Auberon the direct report path for LPP has been live for around a month and already 70% of offenders have received some form of punishment from Riot. Whether this new system of banning people based off other players opinions will be rolled out in other regions and other elos has not been confirmed yet though. 

So, will something like this work in solo queue games or is this an impossible task to try and regulate solo queue, especially with input from players. Tribunal failed, so what will make this system work?