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Will Faker have to leave T1?

Will Faker Have to Take A Break Due to Military Enlistment?

Faker Against JDG Worlds 2022
Age is always a question when it comes to esports, but for Korean players it could be even more important. | © Riot Games

Faker is the most decorated player in League of Legends history. He's reached heights most can only dream of and this past League of Legends World Championship run was another one for the history books. With his rival Deft taking the crown, a question of age in esports has come up once more. 

Korean players also have to enlist and do their military service. Not even the biggest Korean Pop group BTS was able to get out of their service. So, will World Champions like Faker and Deft be able to avoid this fate? 


Faker's Military Enlistment - Will He Have to Go to the Army? 

The BTS fan girls are still crying over the fact that their favorite idols will have to enlist and leave the industry for 18 to 21 months. This is a fate that other pro gamers have also had to face. Former T1 jungler and now head coach Bengi had just finished his military service before taking a coaching position. 

Same for legendary jungler Score who helped Gen.G reach new heights, earning Chovy his first LCK title, had to complete his military service before coming back in a coaching position. Most players do not go to the military and then come back as pro gamers. So, will Faker or even Deft have the same fate? 

Faker's Future in the Korean Military

The requirements for the military service states that the person has to be an able-bodied man between the age of 18 and 30. A high school diploma seems to have also been a key part in conscription. Until recently, high school dropouts were exempt from the mandatory military service. 

In 2020 this did change though, and high school dropouts will now be required to complete an alternative service. As reported in the Korean Herald participants will not "not live together or take part in training at military bases. Instead they work as delegates to designated public facilities to relieve the staff’s workload."

Since Faker never got his high school diploma, he would fall under this category. This alternative program would also last around 18 months though, but would be much less taxing. Though, high school dropouts are able to volunteer for conscription if they pass the physical fitness test. 

Is Deft Going To Enlist In the Army? 

Another question mark remains for bot laner Deft, who like Faker is 26. The World Champion finally attained his goal of winning the League of Legends World Championship on November 5, 2022 and now fans are worried he's going to have to retire due to enlistment. 

Deft, like Faker dropped out of high school to pursue a career in esports. While Faker never completed his GED, Deft does have to enlist eventually. But, with both still being 26, they have a few more years before they have to leave. Whether both will still play in 2023 is yet to be decided with the off-season heating up after the conclusion of the 2022 League of Legends World Championship. 

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