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Tyler1 Calls LoL Season 12 Trash

News 16-11-2022 19:00
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We are on the first day of preseason, and for the occasion, Tyler1 had some steam to blow off to his fans regarding League of Legends' Season 12. 

"This season was trash, bro." was the exact words uttered by the LoL streamer. He also believes that Riot Games were completely aware of the issues and even tried to fix them, but it was not enough. 

According to Tyler1, the season started with normal-game MMR abusers in every game. If you are unaware of the term, let me help you along the way. 

Usually, both your ranked MMR and normal-game MMR are separate. However, if you haven't played ranked on your account before, League of Legends will look at your normal game MMR and use that as a starting point.

This has created an opportunity for players to abuse the system and get a high MMR in normal games before starting to climb in SoloQ, giving these players a much greater advantage than someone who starts climbing the typical way. 

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Tyler1 is also unhappy about the massive amount of transferred accounts to the NA server. Basically, players have started off climbing in one region, where achieving a high rank is more achievable than in NA. Then, once they have reached their wished rank, the players transfer the account to the North American server

Another issue brought up by the American streamers was the betting problem. In League of Legends, some people bet on certain games and then rent accounts to wintrade

For Tyler1, this issue first started when he was in Korea and followed him back to NA for another two or three months. 

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The streamer now finds himself at the end of the season. He hit challenger two weeks ago but was unable to camp his rank and stay there. This is what he had to say about his recent SoloQ struggle

We hit Challenger two weeks ago. I tried to camp it. I tried to camp Challenger. That didn’t work. We had to play our decay games. We lost every decay game. Then we just kept losing. We’re dropped all the way down to 490 LP. Climbed back up to 700.

As you can see, it looks like Tyler1 has been going through quite a rollercoaster lately, and we cannot help to feel for him. Despite his unhappiness with the season, however, he ended his rant on a positive note: 

It is not about how you start, but how you finish and i am going to finish strong.

I think we can all somewhat relate to Tyler1's struggle this season, and we cannot wait to see what Riot Games has to offer in 2023

What is your worst Ranked experience this year? 

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