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VFX Updates for Jinx and Jayce

News 22-10-2021 15:30
Firecracker Jinx is also going to be updated. | © Riot Games

On November 6 Arcane is going to release on Netflix. Jinx, Jayce, Vi and other League of Legends champions will make their debut on the big screen and to get them ready some of them are getting visual updates in-game as well.

With the show bringing in new fans to League of Legends Jayce and Jinx have to look their best on Summoner’s Rift. Therefore Riot decided that these two needed a slight VFX update to bring their visuals up to par with the show.

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Jayce VFX Update

Jayce is going to have his Q and W updated. His abilities will be cleaner, a bit bigger and have clearer limits. Jayce has two weapons, the Mercury Cannon and Mercury Hammer.

When his Mercury Hammer is active and he uses his Q, he jumps forward. Some colors have changed and the yellow trim on the ground was changed to look more realistic. While his Mercury Cannon is active, the colors have been improved and the electricity on his weapon as well.

The Mercury Hammer W was also improved to look much better and cleaner.

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Jinx VFX Update

Jinx is going to have all her abilities updated. Her W and E are going to have clearer visuals, with more prominent colours. Her W hitbox is going to be much clearer to see and her chompers will have blue circles under them to show their explosion size.

Her auto-attacks with her rocket will create an orange hue around opponents hit by a rocket. Previously they were shrouded in some smoke.

Her ultimate also got an update. The explosion when her rocket hits is much larger and the rocket itself is also bigger, which means it is easier to spot.

Which Skins are Getting VFX Updates

Five skins are going to be updated as well. Jinx is going to have three skins, while two Jayce skins will have improved visuals once the update goes live:

  • Crime City Jinx
  • Firecracker Jinx
  • Zombie Jinx
  • Debonair Jayce
  • Full Metal Jayce

When Will the VFX Update Hit Live Servers?

The VFX updates for Jayce and Jinx will likely go live in LoL Patch 11.22. The release of the patch is shortly before the Netflix show debut, which is why it would make sense to have the visual improvements to go live around that time as well.

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