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URF Is Toxic: Here's Why

News 05-03-2024 13:56

URF is the favourite game mode of all the people that have already quit the game a while ago. The game mode features low cooldowns on every ability and is generally a fast-paced alternative to the original summoner's rift experience.

URF mode
Ultra Rapid Fire is one of the most popular game modes. | © Riot Games

Ultra Rapid Fire is a game mode that plays on Summoner's Rift. It has the same draft system as a blind pick. 

Every champion gets a very special “Awesome buff of awesomely awesome buffing”.

This buff has the following effects:

  • Mana and Energy consumption are reduced by 100%
  • Health cost reduced by 50%
  • +300 ability, summoner and item haste
  • +25% tenacity
  • 60 bonus movement speed
  • Bonus attack speed is multiplied by 1.5 for melee/2 for ranged
  • Gain 90 bonus experience every 30 seconds
  • Critical strikes deal 25% additional damage
  • Champions that use mana convert 35% of bonus mana into bonus health, and 100% of bonus mana regeneration into bonus health regeneration

URF also has specific champion buffs and nerfs in the likes of deals less damage or takes more damage. These are needed because some champions are just way too strong without cooldowns.

LoL: URF Is Too Competitive And Not Fun

Sakura Karma
No one is more annoying than Karma in URF. | © Riot Games

URF has been out for a few years now and has returned multiple times. Most community members play it for a few days when it releases but then give up on it afterwards. The mode is usually infested with try hards and sweats which takes the fun out of the “4Fun” game mode.

But what are the issues with URF, and what exactly makes it so frustrating?

Well the things that make URF so great are also the pain points.

Astronaut Teemo
Millions of shrooms rady to kill you with Teemo in URF. | © Riot Games

Champions are typically balanced around their rotations but these completely fall out of the picture in URF. Morgana and Lux are able to perma stun you and Jayce can fire multiple Shock Blasts through a single Acceleration Gate. There is almost no downtime between interactions, which leads to increased stress. 

You never really get a chance to breath and calm down because every champion always has every ability up. 

This can also be fairly negative, as some champions just don't work in that setting. Yasuo, for example, already has very low cooldowns, so he just actually feels a lot weaker in the game mode. There are a few champions with the same issues, and it's apparent that not every champion is made for that game mode.

Fiora 0
My biggest nemesis in URF games. What's yours? | © Riot Games

But now the biggest problem of URF. The players. Sometimes it feels like everybody is try-harding for the win in every game mode except ranked. You find an insane amount of Trundle, Fiora players that just build Hullbreaker and push a side lane the entire game. 

This turns URF from a 20-minute fun team fight simulator into a 10-minute catch the split pusher game mode.

Is there any fix for URF? No, not really. Riot has already expressed multiple times that URF is actually not a good game mode and actually bad for user retention but the players just love it so much that they are forced to bring it back occasionally. The game mode actually burns you out faster from the game than anything else.

How about you? Do you still play URF regularly when it comes back?

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