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Newly leaked pictures show us we might.

Will We Get Tiffany & Co. Chromas in League of Legends?

News 21-09-2022 12:00
Crystal Rose Zyra
Zyra and Swain are two champions who might get a Tiffany & Co. themed chroma| © Riot Games

Worlds is just around the corner, and we are excited to see who will hoist the new Summoner's Cup made by none other than the jewelry company Tiffany & Co. But will we have more Tiffany & Co.-themed things coming to League of Legends?

According to well-known leaker Big Bad Bear, we can expect to see some Tiffany & Co. chromas coming into our beloved computer game. Since the cooperation between Tiffany and Riot was revealed, we have seen the unveiling of a whole new Summoner's Cup design. But people have been expecting something more, as the last time Riot Games had a partnership with a luxury brand, we also got some fitting skins. This time, however, it seems like chromas will do. 

But if the rumors are true, which skins would get a new chroma? 

The skin line in focus for the Tiffany & Co. chromas is none other than the Crystal Rose skins. Fitting, right? Currently, only four champions have a Crystal Rose skin in League of Legends - Janna, Zyra, Swain, and Akshan. However, on Wild Rift, the champions Ezreal, Jarvan, Sona, and Lux have skin in the collection.

How Will the New Chromas Look?

For now, everything we have is a few pictures from Big Bad Bear's Twitter. In the photos, we see three of the four champions with a Crystal Rose skin and the new Tiffany & Co. inspired chromas. The champions with the new chromas are none other than Akshan, Swain, and Zyra. However, we don't know why Janna is not there with the rest of the champions. 

As we can see, all the new chromas bear the Tiffany Blue® color, and by closer inspection, you can find some other trademarks from Tiffany & Co. For example, both Akshan and Swain carry the well-known "Bird on a Rock"-Brooch with the crystal having the prominent blue we find on the Summoner's Cup crystal. 

If the chromas are to come out, we expect them to be released during Worlds, as they are clearly worlds related. It will be exciting to see if these chromas will eventually hit live servers. Until then, we will look forward to the World Championship in League of Legends, and watch out for new skin updates. 

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