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Worlds 2023: Reasons Why Kai'Sa And Xayah Dominate The LoL Meta Right Now

News 27-10-2023 17:35

Xayah and Kai'Sa are the two most popular picks at the 2023 League of Legends World Championship, but why are they such important picks right now? 

Bullet Angel Kai Sa
LoL Worlds 2023: Kai'Sa is a pick you don't want to give over. | © Riot Games

League of Legends fans have been watching the World Championship with bated breath and even though the meta is rather repetitive right now, each and every game is meaningful and has viewers on the edge of the seat. Two champions in particular seem to get locked in pretty quickly at this years event and that are none other than Kai'Sa and Xayah. 

Some viewers are wondering why these two champions in particular seem to have such a high priority at this year's tournament. Well, it all comes down to team comps and the support picks. 

LoL Worlds 2023: Support Picks Make The Difference For ADC Picks

In the current state of the game, engage supports are king. How many Janna's, Lulu's and Seraphine's have you seen at this World Championship? Almost none, right? That is because the big dogs in the bot lane are Rakan, Alistar and Nautilus.  

These are picks that like to roam and that like to kick off fights with their quick engages. They're able to protect their bot laners, but also open up ways to get to the backline, which is great for champions like Kai'Sa and Xayah. 

Sweetheart Xayah
Xayah is just way too good in the current state of the game. | © Riot Games

Kai'Sa is a great dive champion, something we constantly hear at the World Championship. She excels when the enemy carry takes one step out of line. With her ultimate she is then able to jump on the carry and burst them down. 

Xayah is the complete opposite. Thanks to her ultimate, she can escape any and every dive, staying extremely safe. She can also shred through tanks. With her feather pull back she's also got some utility thanks to the stun which is a great way to keep her safe from enemies. 

So, engage supports are able to help Xayah place her feathers accordingly, with which she can then shred though her opponents, while Kai'Sa has easier access to the back line. 

It seems that thus far in the tournament the anti-dive strategy of picking Xayah has worked out more, with Xayah reaching an 83% win rate and 95% presence, while Kai'Sa has been picked 24 times already, but only managed a 38% win rate. 

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