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Worlds 2021 Meta Analysis: Play-Ins Day 1


Worlds 2021 Play-Ins Day 1
Did you tune in for Day 1? | © Riot Games

44 champions were picked in 8 games on Day 1 of Worlds 2021 Play-Ins. The meta is developing quickly, so let’s take a dive into analyzing the stand out champions of Worlds 2021.

Today marked the beginning of the 2021 League of Legends World Championship. As expected, the LoL community is buzzing with excitement around which teams will escape Play-Ins and move on to the Group Stage. Day 1 of Play-Ins saw a wide variety of champions being locked in, with oddball picks like Zed, Talon, and Qiyana making an appearance in the Jungle.

Meta-Defining Picks of Worlds Play-Ins Day 1

One champion in particular stood out today though and it wasn’t a jungler. As of Day 1 of Play-Ins, Miss Fortune is sitting at a staggering 100% pick rate. She was played in all 8 games today, but oddly enough not banned out once - even after winning six of eight total matches. The ADC champion with the second highest priority was Ezreal, with a 25% winrate after being picked in 4 games but sporting a 62.75% pick and ban rate total.

As expected, Support Amumu made a splash on Day 1 with a 87.5% pick/ban rate. Oddly enough though, after being picked four times total - he’s sitting at a 0% winrate. The sad mummy might have an even lower chance of making friends after Worlds 2021, given how often he seems to be losing. More analysis will have to be done on just how viable Amumu is, as teams will likely continue to experiment with this new-meta support.

Most Banned Picks of Worlds Play-Ins Day 1

There are three other champions with 100% pick/ban rate joined by Miss Fortune on Day 1 of Play-Ins. Irelia, Lee Sin, and Lucian were able to be played in 2 games each but were banned the rest of the time. As for Lucian, this is likely because of his bot lane buffs increasing the viability of using him as a flex-pick. He can go to the mid lane and the bot lane, so it’s a great asset for teams wanting to save their options for counter picks.

The same can be said of Irelia, who can easily dominate the Mid lane and the Top lane depending upon matchup. Her strengths are still there are a mechanically intensive, but rewarding lane bully who excels at pushing leads. Lee Sin is in an odd spot, given that he was a flex pick for Top/Mid/Jungle earlier this season. He has taken a lot of nerfs since then, but still remained a dominant Jungle pick throughout the playoffs of regional leagues across the world.

Notable Ignored Picks of Worlds Play Ins Day 1

Several champions have surprised us here at RiftFeed with their lack of a presence in these drafts. Jarvan IV was only picked once as a top laner and once as a Jungler. However, he lost both games. Taliyah is another Jungle champion that was expected to dominate after seeing plenty of high-elo solo queue play. However, she has gone unpicked in any role. Maybe there’s still hope? Sincerely signed, a Taliyah main.

Worlds 2021 Play-Ins will resume tomorrow at 4AM PT/7AM ET for our North American readers. Make sure you tune in to receive special drops for Worlds 2021!

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