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Yuumi or Lulu?

EDG Worlds Skins Have Leaked

News 22-04-2022 12:35
Leaked EDG Skins
Not going to lie Viego looks great. | © Riot Games

There has been much discussion around the EDG skins. Which champions will be getting skins for the 2021 World Champions and when are they going to release though? Let's see what we know. 

Leakers are at it again, spoiling everything for Riot, but with the lack of build up for skins and events lately it comes as a welcome hype. This time, not only have we received a few hints, but a whole splash art! 


These Are the 2021 World Championship Skins

Skins Leaked on Twitter 

For anyone who doesn't like to be spoiled and see leaks, then this isn't the right article for you, because the 2021 EDG skins have leaked on Twitter. The splash art for the skins is making its way across the social media platform. 

On April 21, 2022 a small cut out of the splash art was found by leaker BigBadBear, which prompted much reaction from the community, because it confirmed what many had been afraid of – an EDG Yuumi skin

Then, later that same evening, the full splash art was revealed online, showing off all five EDG World Championship skins. 

Which Champions Will Get EDG Skins? 

There are five champions that are going to get EDG skins, obviously, but which ones were chosen by the players of the 2021 World Championship squad. 

EDGGravesLi "Flandre" Xuan-JunTop Lane
EDGViegoZhao "JieJie" Li-JieJungle
EDGZoeLee "Scout" Ye-chanMid Lane
EDGApheliosPark "Viper" Do-hyeon

Bot Lane



Tian "Meiko" YeSupport

Fun fact, Yuumi was made to look like Meiko's cat Racoon. Their likeness is uncanny and the support player has now immortalized his pet in League of Legends for forever. 

Former Griffin coach, cvMax also leaked the Aphelios skin a few months back already on his own stream after having talked to Viper, so there wasn't any big surprise there either... though we do mourn the loss of EDG Lulu. 

When Will the EDG Skins be Released? 

These skins will likely be released either in League of Legends Patch 12.9 or League of Legends Patch 12.10. Last year, the DAMWON skins came out in Patch 11.9 so judging by that timeline a 12.9 release would make sense. 

What are you more excited about, the upcoming Void jungler? The melee ADC or all the leaked skins we will be receiving in 2022? Let us know on Discord

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