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LoL: AP Shyvana Is Back And Here Is Why

Patch Notes 05-03-2024 17:35

Shyvana recently got some buffs to her AP scaling which could mean the return of our favourite AP dragon warrior.

Shyvana 8
Shyvana is coming back! | © Riot Games

Shyvana is a champion that plays greatly into the dragon fantasy but unfortunately fails to deliver that narrative sometimes. The only way her fire breath deals any form of damage is when she builds lots of ability power. 

This strategy can feel kind of cheap sometimes which led to Riot nerfing it a while ago. But with the recent changes to the rest of her kit it might be time for Shyvana to become a real dragon again.

LoL: Shyvana Is Finally A Decent AP Champ

Ice Drake Shyvana
Are the buffs enough for Shyvana? | © Riot Games

Usually AP Shyvana works because her E has a 120% AP scaling in her dragon form. This means just buy loads of AP and you will be able to nuke enemies. 

This is obviously super one directional and nowhere near to being a viable or good gameplay option. 

In Patch 14.3 Shyvana has got some changes that make her Q and W work better with AP. Her W will now give her more move speed and her Q AP ratio has also been increased. Overall these changes don't look like a lot, but it is a huge buff considering she is not only locked to a single ability now.

AP Shyvana is now actually a thing that does more than just nuke an enemy with a single ability, unfortunately that is not enough to bring her back into the meta as she is still one of the worst junglers in the game.

Darkflame Shyvana
We love some dragon mommy. | © Riot Games

The AP changes have increased her win rate by roughly 2% though. This just doesn't mean a lot if it is 48% instead of 46%. There might be a bit of light at the end of the tunnel though. EUW Rank 1 Player Agurin has recently picked up AP Shyvana again and has quite a bit of success on it.

Do you play Shyvana? What did you think of the changes?

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