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Riot are doing more balancing than actual gymnasts these days.

LoL Patch 12.7 Highlights

Patch Notes
The skin offsets his nerf at the very least | © Riot Games

Patch 12.7 is, much like patch 12.5 was one where Riot are balancing out all the changes they made with the recent patches, such as the Rengar changes, as well as the, apparently, eternal Zeri conundrum, where the champion just won't fit into the role Riot want her to fulfill.

In addition, Riot are also using patch 12.7 to start phase 2 of their Mythic Content overhaul. The changes are certainly exciting to those that sink a lot of money into League of Legends, while the rest of us mortals remain by the wayside.

Zeri Changes in Patch 12.7

Quite frankly, we've stopped counting the number of times Riot have updated, buffed, and nerfed Zeri at this point. All we know is that it's a lot, and another set of changes to her kit is being instated with patch 12.7.

  • Q -  Burst Fire
    • Burst Fire now only applies on-hit effects once per cast
    • Zeri can now only gain one stack of R - Lightning Crash and one instance of E - Spark Surge cooldown reduction per Q, excluding critical strikes
    • Critical strikes on Q - Burst Fire grant Zeri an additional R - Lightning Crash stack and an additional instance of E - Spark Surge’s cooldown reduction
  • W - Ultrashock Laser
    • Damage decreased to 10/45/80/115/150 (+120% AD) from 40/75/110/145/180, with both AP and AD scaling increased to 70% from 60% and 120% from 100% respectfully
  • E - Spark Surge
    • Base cooldown changed to 28/26.5/25/23.5/22 seconds, from the previous 23 seconds of cooldown.
  • R - Lightning Crash
    • Base Cooldown increased to 120/95/70 seconds, from the previous 100/90/80 seconds.
This is the look of a person shredding you to pieces while running away | © Riot Games

According to Riot, these changes should bring her bruiser build more in line with her crit build, as well as make her stacks and on-hits more predictable, allowing other champions more leeway in catching Zeri, before she gets her movement speed bursts.

Rengar Changes in Patch 12.7

The changes riot have instated for Rengar during the last patch, were ones that are worthy of being called a mini rework. Now, these changes have had some unforeseen consequences, namely making Rengar a top-lane tower-taking titan. And, while Riot are not necessarily against Rengar taking on such a role, they would rather have the jungle be his primary characteristic. For that reason, they've instated the following changes:

  • Q - Savagery's bonus damage is reduced by 40% against structures
  • W - Battle Roar's magic damage against monsters buffed to 85-150 magic damage, from 65-130 magic damage, at levels 1 through 18.
These paws are more of a battering ram than anything else | © Riot Games

The latter changes were put in place to offset the fact that Rengar no longer gets Ferocity stacks from plants, and Riot hope to empower his clear in the jungle in this way. Additionally, they've also taken care of the bug where Gromp would not give the champion a Ferocity stack either, which, as you can guess, would mess up his jungle clear as well.

Phase 2 of Mythic Content Overhaul in Patch 12.7

Following the release of the Mythic Content Overhaul, Riot are now introducing Phase 2 of the Mythic Content Overhaul! In this patch, an infinitely repeatable rewards track for Masterwork Chests is being introduced.

Masterwork Chest
It's never a bad thing to have double the rewards | © Riot Games

With this system, any sort of Masterwork Chest players open grants progress on the rewards track, regardless of whether it's been bought, earned as a reward, or received as a gift.

  • 5 Masterwork Chests: 5 Mythic Essence and 1 skin shard of any tier
  • 10 Masterwork Chests: 5 Mythic Essence
  • 15 Masterwork Chests: 5 Mythic Essence and a skin shard worth 1975 Riot Points or more
  • 20 Masterwork Chests: 5 Mythic Essence
  • 25 Masterwork Chests: 5 Mythic Essence and 1 1350+ tier skin shard.

In addition, the next patch could hold the second part of phase two, which will be the first Showcase Milestone release.

Which Skins Were Released in Patch 12.7

In this patch, Riot are delving into the world of tarot, with their Arcana skin line getting five more skins, each corresponding to at least one tarot card, and its meaning:

  • Arcana Ryze
  • Arcana Hecarim
  • Arcana Ahri
  • Arcana Xayah
  • Arcana Rakan
Arcana Xayah and Rakan
It should be obvious these correspond to the Lovers card | © Riot Games

Finally, Riot have decided to hive us a skin line that is as beautiful, as it is full of meaning. In our opinion, this is, perhaps the best skin line in season 12, to the point that it even requires new hardware to be appreciated to its full extent.