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LoL: Riot To Add Another "Cute" Creature To LoL-Lineup

Champions 13-10-2023 18:35

Riot just revealed a new champion design for a creature champion that will be making their debut on Summoner's Rift soon. This champion will be coming pretty soon too. 

New lol dragon champion
LoL: Riot is going to be releasing a new champion soon and it'll be a fun creature! | © Riot Games

Creature champions have been something that most LoL players wanted in the game. Last year many were disappointed when Bel'Veth had a humanoid silhouette, but this year we finally got a new creature in the form of Naafiri. 

But Riot is going to be going a new route for their next creature champion and taking a page out of Yuumi's book – a cute look for a new creature. 

LoL: New Dragon Champion Coming To Summoner's Rift

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Riot recently released their Champion Roadmap and in it, they revealed their next mid lane champion, Hwei, but also teased another champion coming after the ink mage and that is going to be a cute dragon champion who is currently still hatching from his egg. 

Not only is it specifically mentioned that this will be a dragon, but it's also noted that he might be young and small for a dragon, he will be a pretty big baby. He is likely a young dragon still coming into his own if the Champion Roadmap is anything to go by. 

You can track his progress through how his fire breathing techniques have improved. Just don’t underestimate him! He might be young and smol, but small for him is literally …quite big!

Honestly, Riot is building their own Aang protection squad, with Skarner also becoming an earth-bender and now this dragon doing fire breathing techniques. 

Unfortunately, there hasn't been more information revealed on this champion just yet, but fans are already excited for this new and unique champion. Will he somehow be related to Shyvana who has a dragon form or is he going to be from Ixtal and related to the elemental drakes in some way or shape? 

For now, we can only speculate, but one thing is for sure, he will have a keen affinity to fire, so we're getting a fire breathing dragon this time around. The dragon will be released after Hwei, which means in the first half of 2024 most likely. 

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