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LoL Patch 14.11: Major Update To Ornn's Passive On PBE

Patch Notes 17-05-2024 11:00

Ornn will have his passive adjusted in LoL Patch 14.11. This is a long time coming and will improve the game overall.

Choo Choo Ornn
LoL Patch 14.11: Ornn is getting some interesting changes. | © Riot Games

Ornn is going to be getting some love in an upcoming patch, with Riot making key adjustments to his passive. When Riot shifted the item system away from mythics at the start of LoL Season 14, they also added in some new Ornn items, but that is going to end soon

Ornn's passive gives lots of free stats to his team thanks to his forge. But there were issues of some items not being able to be upgraded. This is going to change going forward. 

LoL Patch 14.11: Ornn Passive Receives Adjustments

Ornn's passive, which lets him upgrade one item in every player's inventory, is getting some changes. UP until now, there were specific items which could and be upgraded. Riot is changing this in the upcoming patch and letting Ornn upgrade every legendary item. 

Thunder Lord Ornn
Ornn is getting some attention from Riot! | © Riot Games

This means that even if a player built an item which doesn't have a masterwork item, going forward these legendary items will have masterwork items. The item chosen to be upgraded will be the one in slot 1 of a player's inventory, so it'll be important to place the one you want upgraded in the correct slot. 

Each Ornn upgrade will upgrade around 1K worth of stats. But only specific starts will be upgraded. Riot will also remove the special Ornn item names and simply add the tag "Masterwork" behind the item name, so players know whether it's upgraded. 

Overall this is a great change, since now every item has the opportunity to be upgraded, but this adjustment will also take away some of the uniqueness of the Ornn items. It was fun to see what names Riot came up with to make these items seem grandiose and like a true power up, right? 

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