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LoL Fans Praise The Current MSI 2024 Meta Saying It's Making Pro Play Fun To Watch Again

Esports 14-05-2024 17:28

MSI 2024 is underway in Chengdu, China and the tournament is heating up with only the top teams left. One thing fans have praised this year is the meta of the tournament. 

Hans sama msi 2024
LoL: Fans love the current meta. | © Riot Games

The 2024 Mid-Season Invitational is nearing the grand finale. G2 Esports have just moved on to the next round of the lower bracket with a dominant victory over Top Esports and Gen.G will be facing off against the LPL winners BiliBili Gaming in the upper bracket semi-finals soon. 

There have been a lot of fun games for fans to enjoy, as well as some insane series. This has fans more invested than ever before in the tournament. 

LoL: Lane Swap Meta Has Helped Breathe New Life Into MSI

Lane swaps have taken over MSI 2024 and this is a meta that players haven't experienced in a very long time. It was popular once upon a time, but then Riot decided to make the top lane towers sturdier, which resulted in fewer lane swaps. 

Well, the meta is back and players are loving it. It's also interesting because not every team is going to lane swap or utilize this tactic, which will lead to different strats being played out at the highest level of competition. 

One Reddit user has praised the current meta and state of the game, stating that it has made this MSI fun. 

This MSI was one of the best international tournaments so far, one big reason is the lane swap strat. It's not something very important that we see it 100 % of games (glad it's not, or it will get stale very fast) but it is a threat needs to be aware off.

Others agree with the original poster, enjoying the variance that this meta is bringing to the professional scene. Thanks to the current state of the bot lane, with many teams choosing to pick double Hail of Blade champions in support and the ADC position, teams might swap their bot lane to top so the enemy cannot contest any objectives for the first few minutes, gaining a huge advantage and snowballing from there. 

Faerie Court Kalista Splash
Kalista is the best bot laner right now. | © Riot Games

Players also praised how this lane swap meta differs from previous ones. When lane swaps were cool, teams would take the tier 1 tower, then lane swap to take another tier 1 tower. If one team took top tier 1 with the help of a lane swap, the other team took the bottom one and then swapped. This made the meta boring and stale quickly. 

Now, with the unpredictability, players are loving the way things are going, but will  this be a sustainable meta throughout all of summer and into Worlds as well

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