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LoL Patch 14.11: Riot Reveals Upcoming Pride Event Details

News 14-05-2024 11:00

Each year, Riot puts on a fun little Pride Event throughout June. 2024 is no different, so what exactly does Riot have planned, and when will the Pride Event take place? 

Tf graves pride 0
LoL Patch 14.11: Pride is returning to League of Legends! | © Riot Games

Pride is heading back to Summoner's Rift in 2024. Last year, we got some new emotes, as well as icons. Of course, we also got to add the pride homeguards once more. What a shame that Riot doesn't enable them year round, because a rainbow can shine all year, right?

Sadly, Riot will not be adding more Pride stories to their universe page, but fans are surely going to be getting other content throughout the year! 

LoL Patch 14.11: Pride Event Back Again

League of Legends Pride Content

Pride Event Lo L 2024
The new key visual for Pride 2024! | © Riot Games

LoL Patch 14.11 is going to release on May 30, 2024, just a few days before Pride Month. The event will last for two patches, so throughout all of June... duh, it's Pride Month after all, eh? With the event, there will be in-game missions and some awesome free rewards, as well as older rewards from previous Pride Events if you missed out then. 

Players will be able to obtain a new Pride Emote called "United" featuring Twisted Fate and Neeko. Older Pride Emotes can be purchased in the store for 1 Blue Essence. But what do you need to do to be able to earn the new "United" emote? 

UnitedPlay as a Premade GroupUnited emote

So as long as you have a few friends, you'll be ale to get this free emote, no questions asked. 

Players can also pick up the Pride Player Icons. When equipped, players will have a special Pride homeguard in the game, which is going to be available until July 8, 2024. These icons can be picked up for 1 Blue Essence in the shop as well. 

Riot is also going to launch a Community Pride Hub on May 31, where players and fans will be able to see fan art, cosplays and much more, shining a light on the positive side of the League of Legends community. 

Teamfight Tactics Pride Content

Pride Month 2023
Time to celebrate pride in TFT as well. | © Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics is also celebrating Pride again. Players will also be able to earn their very own special "High Five" emote by completing some simple TFT missions, and this emote is so cute, with Pengu and Poptail. 

Players can obtain old TFT Pride content by completing missions as well. 

Tacticians Stand UnitedPlay 1 match of TFTHigh Five emote
Cheer SquadEquip the (New) High Five emote and use an emote in a match
  • 25 Star Shards
  • Fireworks - Mint Boom
  • Fireworks - Rose Quarts Boo
  • Fireworks - Sapphire Boom
  • Fireworks - Catseye Boom
  • Fireworks - Obsidian Boo
  • Fireworks - Tanzanite Boom
  • Fireworks - Citrine Boom
  • Fireworks - Rainbow Boom
Show Your ColorsEquip a “Fireworks” boom and play a match of TFT
  • 25 Star Shards
  • Dip Emote

THe Pride trails are also iconic in TFT and have always been added when equipped with a Pride icon, but due to the game having a large mobile-only player base, they were not able to show their colors, since they don't have icons to equip on mobile. That's why Riot is changing things up and giving players the Pride trail when they equip one of the pride booms instead this year. 

The Pride event will run throughout June, the same length as Pride month. So enjoy the free content and let's celebrate and cherish diversity in League of Legends, as well as in everyday life! 

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