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LoL Patch 14.9: Riot Is Trying To Counter Power Creep

Patch Notes 23-04-2024 18:31

The LoL developers aim to bring the overpowered champions back down to earth with a lot of nerfs. 

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LoL 14.9: There will be some adjustments in the next patch. | © Riot Games

The developers have noticed that there have been many buffs in the recent patches. Therefore, they want to introduce several nerfs in the next patch. In addition, the hitbox of the champions will be adjusted.

But it's not just the champions getting some changes. It has already been announced that Sterak's Gage, Eclipse, and Sundered Sky will get some nerfs. But also items like Maw of Malmortius have proven to be too strong and will therefore be adjusted.

LoL Patch 14.9: The Planed Adjustments

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Please buff some mages like Zyra or Seraphine! | © Riot Games

In the upcoming patch, there's more than just a few changes on the horizon. Additionally, it seems a developer has finally cracked the code on refining champion hitboxes! Warwick and Blair will finally no longer have Yordle hitboxes!

Item Changes

In the next patch, we will finally see nerfs for Sterak's Gage. Furthermore, adjustments will be made to Maw of Malmortius, aiming to eliminate its status as an "always counter" against magic damage.

System Buffs

System NerfsSystem Adjustments
Death DancerEclipseHexdrinker
Sundered SkyMaw of Malmortius
Sterak's Gade

Champion Changes


After the Skarner rework, the champion initially appeared quite weak, but due to some adjustments and players gaining a better understanding of his combos, he has become quite powerful this patch. Therefore, Riot has decided that he will receive another nerf in the next patch. Additionally, he is quite Elite skewed, as he spikes heavily at level 9. Riot is already considering how they can balance him to vary between Jungle and Top.


Primetime Draven Skin
Riot, please nerf Draven!! | © Riot Games

Draven is currently one of the most hated champions in League. Many think he is too strong and hope for a nerf. However, the LoL developers don't perceive the champion as overpowered, but they acknowledge that playing
against him can be very frustrating, especially when he returns to the meta. They will observe the champion for now, but anticipate that the frustration will diminish over time.

The remaining champions will be adjusted through a special exclusion process. Firstly, champions with outsized levels of frustration will be tackled. Nonetheless, some champions require a degree of frustration to operate effectively. Secondly, champions with known high mastery and win rates exceeding 50% will be targeted. Finally, champions that have long remained on the "high side of balanced" will be addressed.

These are all the adjustments that have been released so far. Let's hope they now properly adjust the hitboxes, and we don't get hit by a Blitzcrank Hook even though they're already 5 km away anymore.