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LoL: Why Does Draven Have Such A High Ban Rate

News 20-04-2024 14:00

Everybody knows them and everybody hates them. Draven players. But you rarely see them in your games anymore. Thats probably because the champion is very close to a 50% ban rate in EUW.

Draven is very hated. | © Riot Games

Draven is a very popular and strong ADC. His level 1 is one of the strongest as with his Q ability he basically has a free BF Sword. 

Draven is also known for his incredibly game presence. As soon as he is picked, the whole game has to turn around him. His passive can make him incredibly strong when he gets kills which requires jungle attention to either get him ahead or shut him down.

Currently, the champion has a 46.1% ban rate while only having an 8% pick rate. This means that even if he isnt in every game, people would go out of their way to make sure he CANT be in the game.

The Issue With Draven

Fright Night Draven
Draven's Ban Rate is way to high. | © Riot Games

Draven needs a lot of care from his team. This main character syndrome often leads to the fact that Draven players aren't necessarily the nicest players on the rift. Games can become annoying really fast and laning against him very unfun. 

Draven is also one of the champions that people smurf with a lot, which means the chances are high that you either play with a smurf or against, which is both not a lot of fun.

The snowbally nature and the fact that bot lane is a 2vs2 can spiral very quickly into a situation where both players cannot participate in the game any more, even after slight mistakes. 

The problem is that Draven isn't really that strong in the current meta. Many champions just out-range him and he can't get an early lead. He currently sits at a 49.5% win rate, and this is already after the Crit item buffs.

Riot will probably not nerf him any time soon, so there will need to be another fix for his high ban rate. It's also interesting to know that Draven's ban rate is only this high on the EUW server. In Korea or North America it is far lower, but champions like Blitzcrank's ban rate skyrockets.

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