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LoL Patch 14.8: Unpopular Champion Becomes Best In The Game

Champions 22-04-2024 17:57

Some League of Legends champions are more popular than others, but it seems that one of the least played champions is slowly reaching their full potential in LoL Patch 14.8.

Monster Tamer Lulu Kog Maw
LoL Patch 14.8: One champion has become the best in the game. | © Riot Games

Some League of Legends champions are more popular than others, that's for sure. Solo queue isn't just filled with the best of the best, with some players just using champions they enjoy playing without focusing on the meta all too much. 

There are also other champions that are rarely ever seen on Summoner's Rift, whether that's because players don't like the aesthetic or the play style. Now, one of those champions that rarely saw play, is slowly becoming more popular and also has the highest win rate in the game. 

LoL Patch 14.8: Kog'Maw Is The Top Champion Right Now

Arcanist Kog Maw
I love Kog'Maw so much. Best ADC. | © Riot Games

Kog'Maw might not be the giga popular champion that is Ezreal in League of Legends, but he is starting to raise in popularity. When looking at his pick rate ahead of LoL Season 14, he was at a mere 1.39% according to stats site lolalytyics. This number has increased within the last four months, with him now at a 4.13%. 

Other players, who were also rarely played before, like Zilean for example, did not see such an increase in play rate with the new item system. Kog'Maw seems to be able to truly shine in Season 14 though. 

Not only has he gained more players, but he's also currently the champion with the highest win rate in the entire game. Looking at the data on, Kog'Maw has a win rate of 53.81%, making him the best champion in the game. 

Shan Hai Kog Maw
Kog'Maw continues to dominate the meta. Will he get a nerf? | © Riot Games

While Kog'Maw is known for his late game prowess, he is able to shred through enemies with his late game. He's go great scaling and range on his abilities. While he is squishy, most players take Resolve as his secondary rune tree with Conditioning and Overgrowth to give him more survivability. 

Overall, Kog'Maw has taken over the meta and he will likely continue to dominate solo queue. Thanks to his insane damage output. He doesn't even need to reach the late game anymore to be the best, as long as he has Blade of the Ruined King and Guinsoo's Rageblade he should be good to go in LoL Patch 14.8. Will Riot nerf him in the next update? 

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