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Eclipse Missions!

How to Solve the Eclipse Mystery Objective

Eclipse Kayle and Aatrox
With the Eclipse skins we have a few missions to complete! | © Riot Games

We have already mentioned that you're able to get six free champion skin shards, merely by playing League of Legends, right? But that isn't the only mission you can complete for the Eclipse event. Let's check out every mission and what the mystery mission is all about. 

Riot just released their new Eclipse skins, and they also have a small in-client event with missions. This event isn't the same scale as the one for Anima Squad, or the event that should take place for the release of the High Noon skins. These are just a few missions you can complete to gain a few free goodies. So what are the missions? 


Introduction of Phase 2 of Mythic Overhaul

For a while now, Riot has been talking about the overhaul of their mythic content. The first phase came in Patch 12.6, when the new mythic shop was introduced, which will contain rotating Prestige skins as well as unique mythic skins like the Ashen Knight Pyke skin and older Hextech skins. Now that Riot has implemented the first part, it's time for the second part of the overhaul — in total, there should be three phases. 

In the second phase of the mythic overhaul, we're being introduced to Masterwork and  Showcase Milestones. To celebrate the introduction of these new mythic content widgets in the client, Riot is giving away some free skin shards and much more for their Eclipse Event. 

What is the Eclipse Mystery Objective, and How Do You Solve It? 

When going into your client, you'll be met with two Eclipse missions. The first one is the one in which you're able to get a free 2022 Eclipse Capsule and 2022 Eclipse Grab Bag. The second mission is a bit trickier to complete than to mere play a few games of League of Legends. The worst part? You have to figure it out on your own how to meet the requirements for the 'mystery objective'... or you read this article. 

So the mission named 'O brace knight seek our lightless champions Embrace the Eclipse' is actually easier to complete than you might think. The way to finish this mission and move onto other missions is quite simple. All you have to do is play with an Eclipse champion. Yes, that is it. You need to play a game with a champion that is has received an Eclipse skin. 

Senna, Aatrox, Sejuani, Kayle and Sivir were the champions that received Eclipse skins in Patch 12.8 and any of those champions in-game work. You don't need to have the Eclipse skins to be able to complete the mission, either. Even though Leona is the OG Eclipse skin holder she is not included in this mission, so playing her will not unlock the next phase. 

What if you don't own any of these champions, though? Then you can simply go into a lobby with a friend who owns the champion and if they have a champion and play them, then the mission will unlock with you as well. So you just have to be in a game with one of the champions mentioned above. 

Senna Eclipse Prestige
The mission wasn't as hard as I thought... | © Riot Games

What Missions Unlock Once Completing Mystery Objective? 

There are a few missions that get unlocked once you complete the first mission. These are the milestone missions you can complete once unlocked: 

  • Slay a Sun Eater? That’s Gonna Cost Ya (matchmade games only): Earn 30,000 gold — rewards 250 Blue Essence
  • Weapon of a Lost Age (matchmade games only): Earn a Vision Score of 35 or more — rewards 1 Hextech Key
  • The Beast Rider’s Trial (matchmade games only): As a Team, slay 4 Epic Monsters in one game — rewards 1 Hextech Chest
  • Knights of the Empty Moon (matchmade games only): Get 12 or more takedowns in one game or win a game against an Aatrox — rewards 1 Hextech Chest + Key\
  • She Must Be Stopped (matchmade games only): Win a game with or as Sivir, Senna, or Sejuani — rewards 1 Masterwork Chest + Key

When Does the Event End? 

This event is a short two-week event. Currently, in the League of Legends, client players have 14 days from April 28. 2022 to unlock everything and gain those free champion shards. This would coincide perfectly with the release of the High Noon Skins Riot announced. There have been rumors around a larger High Noon event in 2022 as well, so having the Eclipse and mythic overhaul celebration end then is perfect.