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LoL: The Best Skins Released in 2023

Skins 26-12-2023 14:30

Not sure what to spend your RP on? By the giant collection of over 1,000 skins, it's for sure not an easy decision. That's why we'll show you the best skins that got released in 2023 below

Broken Covenant Xayah and Rakan
The best skins released in 2023. | © Riot Games

Like every year, Riot releases tons of skins for League of Legends. With that much selection, you can easily lose your overview. That's why we decided to show you the best skins released in 2023 that we came up with. Skins that we included are either fresh takes on older themes or of completely fresh concepts.

Ranking: The Best 5 Skins Released In 2023

5. Café Cuties Rumble

Cafe Cuties Rumble
He looks so adorable, look at him! He even fills the cuphead of a meep from the Cafe Cuties Bard skin. | © Riot Games

What could be cuter than a little marshmallow bear sitting in a giant cup of coffee?! Right, nothing! Café Cuties Rumble is a perfect addition to the skin line, since he is a sweet Yordle that got every tool he needs for a nice coffee implanted in his self-made mecha suit. He even got a stirring rod to make you a delicacy while recalling! 

For such an old in-game model, Riot put a lot of love in the details of this skin, upgrading an outdated champion design in the best way they could. Especially his ultimate is an eye-catcher, since it launches multiple adorable cupcakes with a bear face instead of rockets. Personally, it reminds me of a delicious meal you would get from a cat café in Japan. Damn it, now I'm hungry!

4. Soul Fighter Sett

Soul Fighter Sett
One punch man of the League universe. | © Riot Games

The next one in line as the worthy number 4 of our list is Soul Fighter Sett. Don't get me wrong, there are tons of impressive Soul Fighter skins that came out this year. However, Sett rocks it the best, since he is the roughest and most ruthless fighter of them all. Yes, including Soul Fighter Samira that definitely should've been a Legendary skin and not an Ultimate. 

This Epic skin is really worth its price. He got great outlines, a hot outfit, nice abs and refreshing sound effects by punching your opponent that make you feel like you're in an anime, fighting for your life in an impressive 1v1. One punch man, is that you? So, what more could you ask for?

3. Prestige La Illusión Renata Glasc

La Illusion Prestige Renata Glasc
Mother is MOTHERING! | © Riot Games

Now, this is my personal favorite skin for 2023. Unfortunately, I had to rank her as number 3 since we had a voting system for the best skins this year. Yikes. This skin brings the best out of the businesswoman of Zaun. Instead of using chemicals to fight her enemies, she is now using candles, flowers and crystals. How does it work? I don't really care, it looks cool and that's what matters. 

The La Illusión skin series is inspired by Día de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, which is a holiday celebrated in November in Mexico each year. Renata is the perfect champion for this skin line, since she can revive her allies by using her own version of a caduceus staff (a staff carried by Hermes, a greek god, symbolizing medicine).

The skin takes it up a notch by its fine details and gorgeous golden flower petals. Especially her W and Ultimate are an eye candy, through and through, letting your whole screen shimmer with a beautiful cyan and golden color.

2. Shan Hai Scrolls Bard

Shan Hai Scrolls Bard
I want one of the meeps as a plush. | © Riot Games

His meeps look like Koroks from The Legend of Zelda. That's actually already reason enough to love this skin. But, of course, I'll tell you more about it. First, his splash art is just stunning. The attention to details like the phoenix rising from his instrument and the meeps cheering around him are a great touch to the Asian setting in the background, reminding of traditional paintings from days long forgotten.

His chimes look like little magical ghosts from the woods, which suits perfectly in the environment of the Summoner's Rift. On top of that, there are also lots of details in the skin, for example changing his musical chiming noises to a more instrumental Asian style. His abilities obviously got adjusted, too, giving Bard an even cleaner look than he already got.

1. Broken Covenant Cho'Gath

Broken Covenant Cho Gath
You will not survive Nocturne's weapon once it's unchained. | © Riot Games

The Broken Covenants are part of a new skin concept set in the Forsaken Hymn universe. In the splash art, you can see Cho'Gath's incredible power in this alternate world. 

Here, he is a weapon made by Nocturne with a mission to eliminate the Neverghaast, one of the folks, from the world. He has gained strength from sacred items found in the congregation's crypts and has been in a kind of dormant state while Nocturne feeds it prisoners to make it even more powerful. However, once this monster fully awakens, its hunger cannot be satisfied, regardless of its creator's intentions.

This endless hunger is represented by Cho'Gath's R, letting him stack infinitely and getting stronger and stronger the more he feasts. Just like Rumble, Cho'Gath is one of the older champions in League of Legends, therefore got an outdated in-game model. The skin, however, really let's him shine with clean abilities like his Q, summoning a whole castle, and a recall showing how much power he actually got. 

In our opinion, Broken Covenant Cho'Gath is a well deserved number 1. Even if Renata would've rocked it, too.

These are our Top 5 skins voted by in our Riftfeed office. What do you think? Do you agree with our list, or did we miss out on one of your favorite skins? Tell us in the comments below!

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