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LoL: Players Frustrated About Yuumi in Arena Mode

News 11-12-2023 15:50

Yuumi did it again and made players complain about her. This time though, we're looking at the 2v2v2v2 arena, as there is an extremely annoying comp and strategy with Yuumi and tanks.

Yuumi shocked face
LoL: Yuumi unhealthy for the game once again. | © Riot Games

The Arena game mode is back in League of Legends, and players are getting frustrated because of Yuumi. When Yuumi teams up with a tank, they become really tough to beat. It's like they're almost impossible to kill. Currently, players are taking advantage of this strategy, but how does it actually work?

LoL: Frustrating Tank & Yuumi Strategy For The Returning Arena Game Mode 

Yuumi combined with a full tank is probably the most annoying comp to play against. Below, we'll show you the strategy behind it and how to make your enemies cry:

  1. Team up Yuumi with a tank that got lots of CC (Tahm Kench, Alistar, Leona, Nautilus)
  2. Rush Zhonyas first on both Yuumi and the tank
  3. Then go Guardian Angel second on Yuumi, afterward you go full tank for the rest of everyone's items
  4. Finally, just sit on the hex gates.

Now, you basically hang out near the portal, and there's not much else for you to do except wait for the 30-second ring of fire. If both opponents try to confront you, just jump into the portal. If one opponent attacks while the other stays at the opposite portal, you can easily CC them and heal or shield yourselves, outsustaining them.

When the ring of fire pushes everyone to the middle of the arena, you simply wait until the last moment before you would die to use your Zhonyas, a defensive item that makes them invulnerable for a short time.

If you're fortunate with the augments you receive, it's pretty much game over for your enemies. The nesting doll augment, in particular, is extremely overpowered. With this augment, they essentially have to be killed three times because they get revived twice. This is especially problematic if the tank gets this augment.

Find out more about the nesting doll and other augments below:

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So, the whole strategy is pretty easy: Run away, use Zhonyas and watch your enemies die to the ring of fire. Dishonorable strategy. But I mean, as long as it works? Who cares!

Most Unhealthy Champion In The Game?

The new Arena game mode proves it once again: Yuumi is unbalanced. Since her release, she was either extremely broken or completely useless, no in between. Some players want her to be unavailable or perma banned in arena, others want her to get removed completely from the game. And I am one of them, as she hasn't been balanced once since her release.

However, you either have to abuse this strategy or perma ban Yuumi in case you don't want to lose your mind. I'm serious. Either pick it or ban it.

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