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LoL: Smurfs Are An Issue Riot Wants To Combat In 2024

News 14-12-2023 15:47

Smurf accounts in League of Legends have been a problem for a long time. Ahead of the 2024 season, Riot is looking to find some solution to them though. 

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LoL: Riot coming in to get those smurfs banned. | © Riot Games

Smurf accounts in League of Legends are nothing new. Players have bought accounts and played in higher or lower elos, but it seems that the issue has been gaining more and more attention, which has prompted Riot to once again respond. 

Fans are not convinced that Riot is going to be able to fix the issue with smurf accounts, but it seems that there are some plans in the pipeline to make playing League of Legends a little more bearable. 

LoL: Riot To Fight Smurf Accounts In 2024

"We are looking for angles to address smurf accounts"... how often have we heard this already when it comes to League of Legends? Way too often and going into the 2024 Season, Riot is once again making promises to try and combat them. 

A large thread on Reddit went viral in which user EdgyAlpaca notes a few issues with the current League of Legends system and how easy it is for players to make smurf accounts and why some players might actually want to make smurf accounts. 

In the post, a few suggestions were made like banning bot accounts so there aren't as many accounts to sell for cheap. The player also suggested adding some form of 2-Factor-Authentication for ranked games which can connect the various accounts someone might have, meaning that if you're toxic on one account the other ones could also get punished. 

Riot Pupulasers also replied to the post, stating that "smurfing is definitely an issue that [Riot is] looking into from multiple angles." The team wants to address barrier to entry and quicker exiting of smurfs from smurf-status. He also stated that in 2024 there should be some new changes implemented which could make a difference. 

This isn't the first time Riot has promised changes for smurf accounts. Hopefully Riot does listen to the community and their suggestions to try and stop smurfs from ruining the ranked experience for most. 

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