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Captain Teemo on duty!

LoL: The Best Teemo Skins

Skins 20-05-2024 10:30

Ever since League of Legends was released, a certain hamster with a blow dart kept infuriating players all across the Rift. This has brought a small but overly sadistic group of dedicated players, which we have obviously conducted on our quest to find the best Teemo skins in League of Legends!

Omega Squad Teemo Skin
LoL: Omega Squad Teemo is obviously the best skin in the entire game. | © Riot Games

You know the deal already. League of Legends is just so much more fun when you get to tilt the enemy to the moon and back. This is why, despite having an aging kit and outdated visuals, Teemo is still one of the most iconic champions in the game! 

While he doesn't see as much play as he used to, he still causes anguish and agony in the hearts of his opponents from the moment he is picked against an unsuspecting bruiser or tank. You better have some mobility, or Teemo is going to run circles around you!

Obviously, being a diabolical monster works a lot better with some pretty skins. In the end, you want to look cute and fluffy while inflicting unending pain on your opponents! 

Before we dive into the best he has to offer, we will have to talk about Little Devil Teemo and Omega Squad Teemo. As his two most iconic skins, these are usually chosen to elevate the fantasy of the biggest nightmare you can encounter on the playing field. Unfortunately, they are also quite old and not beating the top three visually.

Don't get us wrong, they are still awesome. The other three are just a little better and really deserve the title of the best Teemo skins in League of Legends!

These Are The Best Teemo Skins In League of Legends

Let's dive into our ranking, shall we?

3. Prestige Spirit Blossom Teemo

Spirit Blossom Teemo
Inflict your opponents with prestigious poison. | © Riot Games

Bring out your flute and have the spirits assemble! Prestige Spirit Blossom Teemo has hit the Rift in the Summer 2020 event, and he has pulled his pranks on unsuspecting players around the world ever since! Apart from his stunning visuals, he also plays a tone on his flute every time he attacks. What is not to like?

This skin comes with a rarity bonus, because it is not available for RP. That's right, you will have to get lucky with rerolls or wait for it to reappear on the Mythic Essence shop. Fortunately, he is available there until Patch 13.20 rolls around – or October 11, 2023 – if you want to claim him! Make sure you have 150 Mythic Essence to spare!

If you are looking for the classic, non-golden version of Spirit Blossom Teemo instead, you can purchase him for 1350 RP at any time.

2. Firecracker Teemo

Firecracker Teemo splash
Happy new year! At least if you still live to see it. You may want to watch out for Teemo shrooms, which would prevent you from doing so. | © Riot Games

Happy new year! Your New Year's gift is a shroom, and Firecracker Teemo delivered it. 

Celebrating on New Year's Eve is always more enjoyable the louder your firecrackers are. Obviously, Teemo has the biggest arsenal of colorful explosives, and he definitely won't hold back this year! Make sure to celebrate with him for the most memorable fireworks show of your life!

This skin is available every Chinese New Year. Make sure to put the 1350 RP necessary aside for when he returns to the shop!

1. Beemo

Beemo Teemo skin
BZZZZ! | © Riot Games

Bzzzz bzz bzz bzz, bzz bzzzzzz!

There is not a single insect that is cuter than a bee, so it was only fitting to give a skin to the cutest Yordle ever! Your bee companions will also fight for you – thanks to the updated VFX, a swarm of bees will be released every time someone steps on a shroom!

Since his introduction to the game, Beemo has received some more bee friends on the League of Legends roster. Will you be(e) his next friend?

Beemo is available in the store for 1350 RP. We promise you don't need to know the entire Bee Movie script to be able to play him, so there is no reason for you not to get your hands on this skin!

These are our favorite skins for Teemo. Which one do you like the most?

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