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Spirit Blossom 2022: All Champions, New Skins, Event & More

Skins 20-09-2022 18:45
Spirit blossom soraka
Who would have known that Soraka could look so good? | © Riot Games

The 2022 Spirit Blossom Skins have been revealed by Riot for the League of Legends Worlds event. We already knew about these upcoming skins thanks to the released teaser last week, but now we have confirmation on all the champions that will be getting new skins in the Spirit Blossom event this year. 

This is going to be a huge skin dump with a total of ten new skins making their way onto the PBE server. After the hype of the Fright Night skin and the success of the initial Spirit Blossom run, will these skins live up to player expectations? 


Spirit Blossom 2022: The Champions

A total of nine champions will be getting new skins for the Spirit Blossom event this fall. A total of ten skins will be released, which is pretty huge. How well do these champions fit into the somewhat canon lore of Spirit Blossom though? That's where we have to wait for the champion's bio to come out to judge. But first, let's check out the champions getting skins. 

  • Spirit Blossom Sett
  • Spirit Blossom Aphelios
  • Spirit Blossom Darius
  • Spirit Blossom Evelynn
  • Spirit Blossom Tristana
  • Spirit Blossom Synda
  • Spirit Blossom Soraka
  • Spirit Blossom Yorick
  • Spirit Blossom Master Yi
    • Spirit Blossom Master Yi Prestige Edition

This is the second time in 2022 that Tristana and Sett are getting skins together. They also both got new Firecracker skins at the start of the year. These guys just can't get enough of one another, eh? 

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New Spirit Blossom Skins Cost

 The Sett skin will be a legendary skin so it will cost you 1820 RP. All other skins are just epic tier skins that will go for 1350 RP. Master Yi is also receiving a prestige skin which will likely be an event prestige which you can pick up with tokens in the event shop, similar to the current event prestige for Janna. Her prestige costs 2,000 tokens so we expect the same for Spirit Blossom Master Yi Prestige Edition. 

Is Riot Giving Us a Spirit Blossom Event?

As just mentioned with the Master Yi Prestige skin, we will likely get an event as well. Earlier last week, Riot also announced their collaboration with singer/songwriter Lil Nas X and that he helped design a prestige skin for K'Sante, the upcoming top laner. 

In the announcement they stated that players would be able to get the prestige K'Sante skin with tokens they earn throughout the event. Now this wouldn't be the first time we have two prestige skins in one event. The Star Guardian event just did the same thing, so we do think there will be a Spirit Blossom and Worlds event happening together. 

URF Back on PBE For Spirit Blossom Event

Of course, Riot also has to add in a new rotating game mode. Many fans are quite unhappy with the choice of URF though, since they felt this would have been the perfect time to bring back Nexus Blitz once more. Nexus Blit was brought back in 2020 for the first Spirit Blossom event and hasn't seen much play since then. 

Spirit Blossom Aphelios
Hello?! Aphelios?! | © Riot Games

New Spirit Blossom Skins Release Date

These skins are going to be released in League of Legends Patch 12.19. This is the perfect time since the LoL Worlds main stage will kick off right when these skins get released. Along with the Spirit Blossom/Worlds event this is just building up hype. 

So, a total of ten new skins, and hopefully some insightful and interesting lore and we have some more banger skins. Two patches in a row? That's almost unheard of for Riot these days, right? 

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