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Will we have a Zenith Games event?

Zenith Games Skins | Release Date, Price & Champions

Zenith Games Lee Sin
Lee Sin is here as a pretty cool athlete! | © Riot Games

Welcome to the Zenith Games, a sports tournament of the future. Augments and new technologies can be seen here, used in action as some of the world's biggest and best athletes compete in various sports to take home gold medals to show off in a bout of glory. 

These skins seem to have been in production to celebrate the Asian Games 2022, but they will not take place this year, which means no esports at any traditional sporting event will be taking place this fall. At least this means that teams in the LPL and LCK can focus solely on the upcoming 2022 League of Legends World Championship, eh? 


Zenith Games Skins: All Champions Revealed

Who are going to be the top tier athletes of the future? Well, Riot has already given us three champions that will be taking part in the Zenith Games, but not all of them are going to be athletes. We've got some other participants in our midst as well. 

  • Zenith Games Lee Sin
  • Zenith Games Jayce
  • Zenith Games Blitzcrank

This is the second sports-themed skin for both Lee Sin and Blitzcrank, who have both participated in the Soccer Cup skin line already. In this universe Blitzcrank is a referee, while Lee Sin is a martial artist. Jayce invented his own sport and competes in it. 

Cost of the Zenith Games Skins

These skins will likely all be epic skins. This means that they are going to cost 1350 RP, but do keep in mind that it hasn't been too long since Riot hiked up the RP prices in most regions due to inflation. These skins are going to be more expensive just because of that. But... they are kind of cool, so I don't even mind. Though, I will be more likely to spend my precious RP on the upcoming Spirit Blossom skins


Release Date of Zenith Games Skins in LoL

These skins will be released in LoL Patch 12.17. Unsure of when that is? Check out the official League of Legends patch schedule, but we'll tell you right now anyways. September 8, 2022 is the day these skins will hit live servers, or well.. a day or so after since it usually takes a while for the skins to end up in the skin shop. 

So, get ready for some futuristic sports action, because these skins will make their way onto the rift just days after the release of Ruination, the first novel set in Runeterra. Are you ready?