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These are the yin and yang of the LoL universe.

The Biggest Rival Champions in League of Legends According to Lore

Lore 03-08-2022 23:45
Warlord Shen
This is what Zed hoped Shen would become | © Riot Games

The world of League of Legends is one that is extremely rich in lore. As such, with all of its myriad characters interacting with one another, enemies and rivals are just waiting to be born.

Here are the biggest champion rivalries that can be found in the current League of Legends universe. Hopefully, the new League MMO will bring some of these to a final end or some sort of a resolution.

Who are the Biggest Rivals in League of Legends?

Each and every champion in League of Legends has something they stand for, and someone they stand against. However, some are more famous than others, whether its due to how long their relationships have existed, or just how brutal they are.

Ornn Vs Volibear

Freljord is a harsh land with even harsher inhabitants. The most ancient ones are the Freljordian demigods, and the two brothers, Ornn and Volibear.

After eons of Volibear's domination of the region through his sheer might, and Ornn's peaceful existence with his blacksmith followers, it all shattered once Volibear destroyed everything Ornn holds dear, in a fit of rage. This was caused by Ornn's refusal to aid in attacking Lissandra and her sisters, as they were starting to become threats to even these demigods.

Brutal or not, he is certainly majestic | © Riot Games

Now, Volibear has lost his domination, upon losing the battle against the witches, and Ornn has sequestered himself off from the world.

Sejuani Vs Ashe Vs Lissandra

What do an ADC, a jungler and a mid lane mage have in common? Well, in the case of Ashe, Sejuani and Lissandra, that would be the conquest and complete domination of Freljord.

Ashe and Sejuani both lead the biggest and most famous tribes of Freljord, trying to gain control of all the land and usher i a new era of Freljordian strength. Ashe leads her tribe like a benevolent queen, inspiring her followers, while Sejuani revels in brutality and is a raid leader of her tribe, seeking to subjugate Freljord.

Queen Ashe and King Tryndamere Wild Rift
Ashe has even inspired Tryndamere into following her lead | © Riot Games

Unknows to both, there is a third tribe, which is on par, or perhaps even stronger, than either of these two. Led by an ancient witch, Lissandra, her goal is to keep Freljord disjointed, for her own nefarious schemes.

Kayle Vs Morgana

Hell hath no wrath as a woman spurned, and the fights that go the hardest are those among siblings. Both of these things can be found in the rivalry of Kayle and Morgana.

Descended from a mother who was the Aspect of Justice, they both inherited half of their mother's power. One of reforming criminals, and the other of cleansing light. Their fights almost brought the, then fledgling, Demacia to ruin, and caused Morgana to go into hiding and help the people from the shadows, while Kale disappeared to mount Targon in search of a revelation and ascension.

Morgana and Kayle
Looks can be deceiving | © Riot Games

Will Kayle return with the power she so desired, or is Morgana right, and mortals possess a power of their own?

Zed Vs Shen

Where Kayle and Morgana are siblings by blood, Shen and Zed are former brothers in arms. Training under Shen's father, Zed called for retribution against Noxian invaders, while Shen insisted upon keeping to tradition.

Zed Shockblade skin
Perhaps this is what Zed would look like if not for his betrayal | © Riot Games

In his brashness, Zed kills Shen's father in a coup, to take the mantle of the leader of the Kinkou order, and forms the Order of Shadow, while Shen goes on to lead the remnants of the Kinkou Order to keep performing their sacred mission. In doing so, they become one of the biggest, and most famous, rivals in League history, standing in the path to each other's goals.

Rengar Vs Kha'Zix

While all other champions on this list have become rivals through their shared lore, and have done so over time, with the canon being changed over and over again, Rengar and Kha'Zix were created and designed as rivals from the beginning.

Rengar headhunter
A bit one the nose with skin to be honest | © Riot Games

They are the Predator and Alien of Runeterra, with their release followed by an in-game mini-quest to see who kills whom first. Every other rivalry on our list stems from a difference in ideologies, except for this one. Rengar and Kha/Zix simply hunt each other for the thrill of the hunt itself.

League of Legends Rivals - Other Champions

Aside from the biggest and most famous rivals, we can find in the game, there are also those whose rivalry is not as well explored, has only been created with recent releases, or is tangential and indirect. Still, it doesn't mean they aren't interesting, so here they are:

  • Shen and Zed Vs Jhin - The event that traumatized Shen and Zed was their hunt for Jhin, the killer that got away. it is implied that his crimes, and escape, are what pushed these two into their beliefs.
  • Kassadin Vs Malzahar - Kassadin is an avenging father who wishes to destroy everything that has to do with the Void, while Malzahar is its High Priest. Once these two champions meet, the aftermath will be devastating.
  • Miss Fortune Vs Gangplank - One of the rivalries that has actually reached a checkpoint, and for a time was thought to be over, is between these pirate overlords. now the positions are reversed, and we cannot wait for Gangplank to make his move once more. Still, the reason it's not higher up, is due to the fact that a conclusion of some sort exists.
  • Lucian and Senna Vs Thresh - Same as with the previous story, this one also has a type of conclusion. Senna has been saved, and future fights await. We can only guess at what they are.
  • Irelia Vs Swain - Swain's defeat at Placidium, and the loss of his arm, was caused by Irelia. They are now at the opposite ends of Runterra, and yet, hatred runs deep.

Of course, there are far more conflicts than just these found in League of Legends. These are just the ones we know the most about, as the workings of the Shadow ISels and its various factions are a mystery, while the Demacian hunt for escaped mages is not getting a story any time soon. We just hope the lore of the MMO remedies all that and expands upon the world heavily.

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