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The LoL MMO Will Be Canon

More 25-07-2022 15:30
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What can we expect from the LoL MMO? | © Riot Games

Riot has been hard at work with their upcoming LoL MMO. This is going to be one of the biggest games to come out in the 2020s and the production team wants to get it right, because there are no do-overs once the game is released. 

This has prompted some questions to come up, like end-game content, or what characters we will be seeing in the game. Where is the game going to take place and which areas can we explore of Runeterra? Well, Greg Street, EP of the MMO Project at Riot Games has some answers for fans. 


The LoL MMO Is Going to be Canon

One thing fans have been paying more and more attention to is whether something in League of Legends is canon or not. We've got a bunch of alternate universes which show off our favorite League of Legends champions in completely different worlds, but if there is one thing that has become important is that stories and events taking place in Runeterra are part of the canon story. 

In 2021 Riot tried their hand at a huge year-long canon event, but many fans were disappointed in the execution and the inclusion – or rather lack of inclusion – of some champions. 

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That's why, some fans were worried about the upcoming League of Legends MMORPG. Will the stories and characters of this massive online game be canon or is this just going to be Runeterra from another dimension? Well, Greg Street has cleared up some concerns of fans and stated that the upcoming MMO is going to be canon. 

Think about it this way. If we’re successful and have millions of players playing hundreds of hours with just as much time discussing story and characters with their friends and online, it will become the focus of the lore. MMOs have a way of doing that.

Is A Release Date Known For the LoL MMO? 

So far there isn't much known about the upcoming League of Legends MMORPG. The game is still in early development and it will take another few years to truly have it start and kick off. So don't expect the game in 2023. Hell even 2024 is being generous. 

Making a massive multiplayer online role playing game is probably the most expensive and the most ambitious game type anyone can make and while Riot does have a great foundation for the LoL MMO, it will take time to have it meet players expectations. Are you excited for the MMO though? 

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