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This is what you can get with Prime Gaming in 2023

2023 LoL Prime Gaming Capsule Content Leaked

Prime Gaming Loot
What is going to be inside the 2023 Prime Gaming Capsule? | © Riot Games

It hasn't been long since players thought that the collaboration between Riot and Amazon Prime might end. No new capsule for a while and no communication from Riot had many worried, but it seems that the partnership will continue into 2023 as well. 

League of Legends data miner Julex Gameplays, has found some information on an upcoming 2023 Prime Gaming Capsule, but the content will differ a bit from the previous one. So, what can you get with your Amazon Prime membership going forward? 

LoL Prime Gaming 2023: Capsule Content Revealed

The content of the 2023 League of Legends Prime Capsule has always been pretty good. Sure, halfway through 2022 Riot decided to give players less RP, but instead gift them with some free Mythic Essence instead, but the content was still great, especially the free skin part. 

This is the content data mined by Julex Gameplays for the 2023 Prime Gaming capsule: 

  • RP
  • Permanent Epic skin
  • 4 Random Champion Shards
  • 30 days XP boost
  • 2x Series 1 Eternals
  • Orange Essence
  • Champion permanent
  • Ward Skin permanent

Honestly, this is a pretty good deal. Sure, Riot has removed the Mythic Essence from the loot, but players will be receiving a ward skin permanently instead. The permanent champion is also new. 

Unfortunately, we do not know how much RP will be given out in the capsule, since the data mine only has 'RP' written in it, but we don't think Riot is going to go lower than the 350RP they've been giving out. 

Maybe they'll even give more RP, since initially it was 650 RP... 

Players will still be able to get one permanent 1350 RP skin as well, but if I'm being honest I haven't had the best of luck on those, but if you're lucky and get good skins then kudos to you! 

Thankfully Riot is bringing back the Prime Capsule and fans will continue to be able to use their prime membership to help them look stylish when playing League of Legends. 

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