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No Prime Gaming for February?!

LoL Prime Gaming: Will The Free Capsule's Stop?

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Sorry boys and girls... no new Prime Gaming codes. | © Riot Games

LoL Prime Gaming usually releases every single month, with some 'free' RP, mythic essence and a free skin, but this month Riot isn't giving out the Prime capsules as normal. Fans will have to wait a while longer to get more Prime content it seems. 

Not too long ago YouTuber Matty Love Gaming made a video a while ago talking about the future of the Prime Gaming Capsules in League of Legends and how this could be the last one for a while. 

LoL Prime Gaming Capsules: Is This The End? 

Riot recently elongated their Prime Gaming rewards until February 16, 2023. This had many players concerned regarding the upcoming release of capsules. Matty Love Gaming wrote to Amazon, asking about the capsules and got a response, explaining that the partnership between Prime Gaming and Riot has technically ended. 

Without the free RP how will I get skins for my fave late game champions?

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This is what Amazon wrote: 

The deal with RIOT games only included capsules until December, there is no new capsule for January or February [...] I can confirm that there is no new capsule for this year, but Prime Gaming and RIOT are working together to bring more content in the future, however, I can't confirm when the next capsule will be available
  • No more Prime Gaming Capsules? Let me play a different game then like Persona 5....

This prompted Riot to finally release a statement of their own with RiotMeddler going on Reddit and echoing what Amazon had already explained to the content creator. He stated that the original partnership was for 2022, but that they're working together for a 2023 version. 

It was also said that while the capsules for 2023 will likely differ from the ones in 2022 once they manage to get the new deal rolling. He also added that there will be a February 2023 drop, so we should expect at least one more capsule after February 16, 2023. 

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Guest was the only way i bought skins, by saving rp from prime gaming