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2XKO: Project L Fighting Game Will Include League of Legends Skins

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2XKO, the upcoming fighting game by Riot Games, formerly known as Project L, will include skins, as can be seen in a recent image from Evo Japan 2024. 

2xko illaoi header
2XKO: Illaoi was finally introduced! | © Riot Games

Fighting game players and fans got a chance to test out and play a couple of characters from 2XKO at Evo Japan 2024. The event took place from April 27 to 29 in Tokyo and Illaoi, a champion we knew would be in the game, but hasn't been playable yet, also made her debut. 

Along with the other well-known champions like Yasuo, Ahri and Ekko, fans got to test their skill at the upcoming Riot Games fighting game that also finally received a name. A screenshot from the event though, seems to confirm something players were curious about. 

2XKO: Cosmetics Will Be Part Of Game

2XKO is going to be a free to play game, something that Riot Games have confirmed previously. So, a lot of players wondered how they would make their money and it seems that the developer is taking the same approach with their fighting game, as they did with all their other titles. The way to make money is through cosmetics. 

2xko ekko and ahri
When will they finally reveal Sett though? | © Riot Games

A recent screenshot from Evo Japan shows off that players are able to switch between chromas of characters, meaning the color scheme. This has been something that was known as well through previous tests and images, where we saw a black-and-white Darius rather than him in his usual black and red. 

Looking at the recent image though, there is another button though. This one is blacked out for now, but it clearly says "Base" on it, meaning the base skin. There are also arrows on each side, which could mean players can zip through the skins of a character before heading to battle. 

This seems to confirm that skins and cosmetics will play a key part in 2XKO's monetization strategy. It'll be interesting to see whether Riot implements specific skin tiers and if they are going to port over existing skins from League of Legends and Wild Rift or make completely unique and new skins for the characters. 

One thing is for sure though, if we don't get any Soul Fighter skins in 2XKO, then Riot is doing something wrong. 

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