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Project L Will Be Free to Play

News 01-08-2022 17:50
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Will Evo be the event to look out for this year? | © Riot Games

The next big game Riot is working on right now is the upcoming fighting game Project L. No name has been announced yet, but maybe we will finally have the big reveal coming in the next few weeks. So let's gather some intel to see what we know and why we think that an announcement is sooner than you might think. 

Who doesn't want to finally beat the living sh*t out of Ahri or Darius, right? Riot is working hard at making our dream come true. Hopefully Yone or Yasuo will also be included because they're some of the most annoying champions in the game and I would love to backhand either of them sometime soon. 

Project L Is Going to be Free to Play

Yes guys, you read that right. While you're going to fork over hundreds of dollars for Super Smash, Tekken and more, Project L is going to be a breath of fresh air since it's going to be completely free to play. Sure, since it's a Riot game we might get some cosmetics, but do you really need that $20 Ahri Skin... if you're me then yes, but it won't be necessary. 

Hopefully we get more news on the game at EVO 2022 with Tom Cannon stating that he's heading to Las Vegas for EVO 2022... so please Riot, give us more news on the 2D fighter! 

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Project L at EVO 2022

It hasn't been confirmed yet, but we do believe that at the upcoming EVO 2022 in Las Vegas we could be finally getting a much-anticipated update on the upcoming 2D fighting game Riot has been working on. These are just rumors, with Riot having stated that fans are close to receiving news on the game. 

EVO is the largest fighting game event in the world, and also one of the oldest esports events, so making an announcement with Project L here would just be iconic, right? EVO 2022 is probably going to be the place for Riot to make their move and get people hyped and excited for this upcoming game. Not just a video of someone explaining some new things... a stage in front of hundreds of people would be the place to do it. 

Can we get Bel'Veth as a champion in Project L? She slaps like a JoJo character already so it would be perfect, right?

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When is EVO 2022? 

EVO 2022 is going to take place between Friday, August 5 and Saturday, August 7. This whole weekend will be filled with high pace fighting game action and it just seems like a perfect opportunity that Riot should definitely take, right? 

The last time we got any news on Project L was eight months ago with a slight teaser during the Riot x Arcane event. We got a glimpse of Ekko and Jinx with a backdrop of Piltover, so we hope to get much more information in the coming weeks. 

Are you excited for the fighting game? Which champions would you love to see? I think having some monster champions would be extremely cool or maybe more unpopular ones like Neeko or Cassiopeia could also be very interesting. We will have to wait for EVO to hopefully find out more! 

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