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Big Changes At Riot: "This Can Create A Lot Of Ambiguity"

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LoL: There is a shift in management at Riot. | © Riot Games

The winds are shifting at Riot Games, with CEO Nicolo Laurent announcing that he will be stepping down from his post. This marks a new era at the video game developer, with a new head at the table. What does this mean for League of Legends and all other game titles though and who is replacing Nicolo Laurent? 

On May 11, 2023 Riot Games announced that CEO Nicolo Laurent will be stepping down by the end of the year and that he will be replaced by Dylan Jadeja, the current Chief Operating Officer.

LoL: Nicolo Laurent Steps Down As CEO Of Riot Games

Nicolo Laurent has been the head of Riot Games for the last six years. Whether you've played League of Legends, VALORANT or Wild Rift, you've seen him. By the end of 2023 he will be stepping down from his post though, leaving Riot on amicable terms to spend more time with his family. 

In a letter to employees he revealed that being a part of Riot, since 2009, has been a great experience, but also tough, especially on his family. He explained that it is time for him to move back to France, but he will not be leaving Riot completely, continuing to work as an advisor. 

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While this chapter is coming to a close, I don’t view this as an end – I don’t plan on joining another company or starting a new company. I love Riot [...] So I’ll stay at Riot as an advisor, for years to come, doing everything I can to help you win.

He then revealed that the current Chief Operating Officer, Dylan Jadeja will be replacing him. Over the next months the two will work together for a smooth transition. 

Jadeja, who has been at Riot since 2011, did state that he will be taking his time to learn about all aspects of the company, especially on the product side of things. In his own letter to employees he asked for everyone's patience, openness to new ideas. This hints at some major changes coming to the company, but whether that will have an effect on the games themselves is yet to be seen. 

Dylan Jadeja will likely take the helm in the later half of 2023 so we can expect some major changes in 2024. 

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