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Baus is back!

LoL: "9/16 Is A Normal Day For Me" - Thebausffs Appeals Accound Ban

More 08-05-2023 16:35
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LoL Streamer Baus got his account back! | © TheBausffs

League of Legends streamer Simon "Thebausffs" Hofverberg recently had his account suspended by Riot Games for intentionally feeding. Sure, he does feed, a lot and it is intentional most of the time, but that is due to his unique playstyle with which he enables the rest of his team while dying and utilizing Sion's zombie passive to its fullest extent. 

A recent game, and a call-out from Tyler1 later, and Baus got his account suspended by Riot. He appealed the suspension though and recently heard back from Riot, revealing the verdict on stream

LoL: Riot Resopnds To Thebausffs Account Suspension

Many players watch and try to emulate Thebausffs, but to no avail. Without proper game knowledge and lane state knowledge you can die as often as you like as Sion and become nothing more than a glorified caster minion. While Thebausffs does die often, he does it in a calculated manner, utilizing Sion, and other champions, in a way that still gives his team, and himself, a fighting chance. 

Recently, he did have a game though which set off alarm bells in Riot's suspension system, and he had his League of Legends account banned. He appealed the ban though and recently heard back from Riot on the decision they made. 

During the game I saw that you had a rough start and you died quite a bit. Sadly, you did not manage to utilize Sion's passive to its fullest extent. However, this is not a good reason to keep this ban. After reviewing the game that triggered the suspension I can say for sure that this restriction was not warranted. 

Riot also believes that the ban handed out to Baus was unwarranted, which the Swedish streamer echoed, stating that he was banned for a game in which he went 9/16, something that he does on the regular saying that it's "a normal day" for him. 

In the email it was also revealed that Baus would get his account back within 24-hours. While he was suspended he did make a new account, but it is good for him to get his old one back since Baus did rank high on the Challenger ladder. 

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