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Big Changes to Jungle Ganking Coming in LoL Patch 13.3

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"Another leak claim they are adding braincells to botlaners but idk could be fake" was tweeted out by Team Heretics jungler Jankos after it was revealed that Riot would be making some changes in the next patch to early jungle ganks. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like his sources were right on this one... 

Riot will be changing some things around in the upcoming patch, especially for junglers, the role Riot seems to like switching around the most, eh? So let's go over the big changes and how they'll impact the game in the coming months. 

LoL Patch 13.3 Looking to Trim Down Early Gank Power

Early ganks have been a nuisance for most players. That's why Riot is going to be making junglers choose between a gank or clearing their jungle. How will they do this? Well, they're going to be changing treat gold and reducing it from a 30 seconds cooldown to 20 seconds. 

Not only that but they've also decided that large jungle monsters like the blue and red buff will give junglers 85 XP instead of the original 75. But there are more changes that don't just affect junglers directly that will have a huge impact in the way they need to play going forward. 

Riot will also decrease the Stealth Ward trinket from 240-120 seconds to 210-120 seconds. This means that players will be able to keep their lanes warded at all times, keeping them safer and letting them anticipate any ganks thanks to the extra vision they can place. 

Finally, ganking under tower will also be a bad idea going forward with Riot buffing turret damage before the 14-minute mark, which is when teleport becomes unleashed teleport. Turrets will now deal 182-350 damage instead of 162-344 like they used to do. 

Are these changes warranted in the jungle? It seems that bot laners are quite happy with what Riot has done. The change to Umbral Glaive will also have an effect, with it's cooldown getting increased from 40 to 50 seconds. It also won't insta kill traps anymore. Ranged damage to wards has also been decreased from 3 to 2. Keria is crying right now with all of his new favorite picks in the support position. 

This should all make junglers think twice about ganks or whether they want to farm that precious XP in their jungle and maybe even the enemies jungle, right? 

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